2nd Annual PJs & Pearls Oscar Party

Remember when I said we love an excuse to party, even if we don’t even need an excuse to party? Still true…but sometimes we have the BEST excuses and it ends up more fun than Neil Patrick Harris in his tighty whities. Ha. Just kidding. NOTHING is more fun that THAT.

I mean…except for us.


Last night, our 2nd Annual PJ’s & Pearls Oscar Party was in full swing and, may I just say, it was an absolute blast?


We all dressed up in our favorite PJ’s and put on the pearls because watching The Oscars with so much glam AND so much comfy is really the only way to go. We all brought our favorite drinks, snacks…and, surprising to all of us, we totally brought the red lips as well for THE Oscar selfie of the year. 

Take THAT, Ellen!

Take THAT, Ellen!

Would you believe that we are ALL wearing the same lipstick? Our own red carpet experiment. AND IT WAS AMAZING. Hats off to you LORAC and your Pin Up Alter Ego lipstick that I just happened to pick up at Ulta ON A WHIM. No joke.

But even after bringing all that awesome, we also brought the snark. But you would expect that from us.

We love hanging out on social media for these events and iconic moments. IT IS SO MUCH FUN to chat with people whether they are in my living room OR thousands of miles away like some of our dear friends in the glowy box.

We had some immediate favorites on the red carpet. I mean, there were many, but Rosamund played right into our red theme. (Lupita brought the pearls. YYYEEESSSSS.)

And then we brought the snark. AND the love. As we do.

There were tearful or emotional moments during the night. Oh, and THIS guy.

Um…but I cannot unsee all the John Travolta nonsense. OMG.

We had so much fun, we cannot wait until next year!!!!

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