Added to the List of Things I Don’t Understand

I know this isn’t a local story, but I can’t get this story off my mind. It just makes me so sad and angry.

I’m not going to get into different state laws or school district rules. I’m just not. I can usually at least try to look at a story from both sides. But this time I can’t.

I get there being consequences for not paying for something that you have been receiving. I understand that the parents had not been paying for the lunch program. (Although, some reports have mentioned the parents not knowing or disagreeing on this but who knows.) I understand all of these things. I do.

What I don’t understand is serving these children lunch AND THEN TAKING THESE LUNCHES BACK. Not having a private conversation after taking them aside. Not being delicate or discreet at all.

I have an even harder time comprehending that they then threw the food away. Because, by law, they cannot re-serve the food that was taken from those students, the food was thrown away.

Really, I am trying to understand. I know the frustration those school officials may have felt. However, I am finding it very difficult to comprehend how throwing food into a garbage can is a better idea than feeding hungry children. I cannot think of one scenario where that would be ok.

The school district issued an apology. But I still find myself very uncomfortable (and saddened) with the situation at all. When there are millions of children that live in food insecure homes across the United States, I cannot understand why throwing food away is a better option. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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