Actual Thoughts We Had Watching Age of Adeline

Note: I (Jill) celebrated a birthday last week. I didn’t really want to do anything for my birthday except watch movies all day. More on that later, but the day before my birthday I started the movie watching extravaganza at an actual movie theater with Sarah. We went to Studio Movie Grill because eating lunch and having cocktails sounded like the best idea we’ve ever had. And…I wanted to see something girly and frivolous. So I did. I went to see Age of Adeline, dragging Sarah down with me. (As I do.)

I will tell you that Age of Adeline isn’t my favorite movie ever. I was never expecting it to be. But! I would probably (maybe) watch it again because it was so nice to look at. The costumes (AMAZING) and the scenery (Hey, San Francisco, hey) were fabulous. All the pretty was my favorite part of the movie and it actually, somewhat, made up for the parts of the movie that were a little weird or just okay.

At any rate, the fact that Sarah puts up with my birthday shenanigans is more proof at what an amazing friend she is. I don’t know that either of us would give it a thumbs up OR a thumbs down, so we’re absolutely no help at all. But! Here are 20 thoughts, with me butting in, that Sarah had whilst watching the movie which is even BETTER than a thumbs up. Or down.

20 Thoughts I had watching Age of Adeline:

1) Being here right now PROVES I love Jill more than almost anyone. I’m not so sure about this movie. I am sure about a pitcher of margaritas. On the rocks! No salt! Thank you movie theater waiter!! (Jill: Hi. Thank you for being awesome and seeing this movie with me.)

2) Blake Lively is pretty. Like, unnaturally pretty. She might be an alien. (Jill: I love her hair more than I should admit.)

3) This narrator’s voice is annoying. (Jill: YYYYESSSSS.)

4) The plot of this movie is weird. Is something ever going to happen? (Jill: I don’t know, I can’t stop looking at Blake Lively’s hair…and outfits.)

5) OH! Blake! That outfit is so pretty!! You also look so pretty IN that outfit. (Jill: This is what I’m saying.)

6) San Francisco is pretty. SO very pretty. I really like San Francisco. It is sad I will never be able to afford to live there ever. (Jill: I’m pretty content watching these shots of S.F. all day long.)

7) HEY! Isn’t that guy from Game of Thrones?? I think I saw his butt last week! Nice job! (Jill: You know I’m not allowed to watch GoT. You forbade me.)

8) I like books too, Game of Thrones guy! Buy me some flowers! (Jill: He really is delightful to look at.)

9) Um, the daughter/mother situation is freaking me out. Why are we watching this again? Oh yeah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL! (Jill: Not gonna lie…that’s super weird. Happy Birthday to me!)

10) OH! WAIT! Now I get to see Game of Thrones guy in a towel with wet abs. This movie is getting better. (Jill: But is it better than Ryan Reynolds in a towel with wet abs? It really doesn’t matter. I just thought I’d as that question. For Blake.)

11) Blake! WHERE did you get those hair clips? I want to grow my hair out just to wear hair clips like that. Also, how much of that hair on your head is yours and how much is sewn onto your head? (Jill: Don’t mind me. I’m over here still having hair envy.)

12) Harrison Ford HOW did you get suckered into this movie? (Jill: Insert Indian Jones and the Last Crusade joke here.)

13) Wait! Is that Harrison Ford’s SON playing younger Harrison Ford because SWEET LORD HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE YOUNG HARRISON FORD! I gotta IMDB this! (Spolier! Not his son!)

14) Blake Lively you do not live up to your name! You are not LIVELY! You make me sleepy in fact. (Jill: Maybe the fabulous hair is weighing her down.)

15) Why is Blake Lively such a shitty driver?? (Jill: Right? I mean come ON.)

16) So the key to eternal life is! Being cold and getting electrocuted. GOT IT! Solid science there writers. (Jill: I’ve got nothing.)

17) We REALLY should have upgraded these margaritas to get the extra shots. SAD FACE. (Jill: NOW WE KNOW.)

18) Telling cute boyfriend about eternal life and then introducing him to your daughter/grandmother makes me giggle. And makes me say, “DADDY!” out loud when the two of them hug. Because I am a terrible person! (Jill: I’m surprised no one else did, Sarah.)

19) THAT is a cute dog! If only I liked dogs! (Jill: I like my dog better. Just saying.)

20) Yeah, I have NEVER been that excited about a grey hair. EVER. (Jill: NOPE. Not once. NEVER.)

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