All Signs Point to Delicious

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It’s no secret that we love Andy’s Candy Apothecary. A lot. No really, A LOT. But a couple weeks ago, some of our Cap City Moms hung out with Andy and Camille for a chocolate and wine tasting that knocked our socks off and our love for Andy and Camille and the Andy’s Candy gang grew by exponential amounts. It’s not just the chocolate and wine talking.

Sarah Maren Photographers

To be honest, it turned into a candy and wine/champagne tasting, but there’s no need to get THAT specific. Or maybe there is a need to get that specific, because HOLY DELICIOUS AND WONDERFUL, BATMAN.

Sarah Maren Photographers

To kick things off, Andy gave us a little background on Andy’s Candy and a little choco-education. We were excellent students. (I mean, we WERE bribed with candy, but look how studious we are!)

Sarah Maren Photographers

We each got to pick a couple different candies to taste and pair with the different wines. Andy and Camille, those confectionary geniuses that they are, threw in a couple of show stoppers for us to taste that made me question every other chocolate choice I’ve ever made. (Olive oil sea salt chocolate bar. Nope, it is absolutely NOT what you think. IT’S AMAZING AND SENT STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN. YOU MUST TRY IT, THE END.)


sorry…iPhone picture NECESSARY

It was SO GOOD. Also, the variety, you guys. We all have different tastes, but goodness. They were tasty tastes. Or something. We were so good at picking out candy, is what I’m saying. We were also excellent at pairing the different candy with…well, whatever we were drinking. But sometimes we actually did a really good job and thought about the pairings!


Sarah Maren Photographers

The thing about hanging out in Andy’s Candy after hours (with wine) is that…well, it was just so FUN. Like, ridiculous amounts of fun. Don’t get me wrong, any day at Andy’s is the best. But we dilly dallied. We perused. We tasted the most amazing things, yes. Did I mention we had the best and most fun ever?

Sarah Maren Photographers

Also, Andy and Camille are THE BEST. I had to throw that out there. (I just doodled hearts around their name in my notebook. Just saying.)

Sarah Maren Photographers

The best part about all of this, more tastings are in the works. We’ll keep you posted, but just know that we can’t wait for you (yes, YOU) to get in on all the tasty. We are so excited!

But if you’re like me and can’t wait, yes…by all means, take a trip and get yourself a bar (or TEN) of olive oil and sea salt chocolate. You can thank me for telling you about this by sending me an olive oil and seas salt chocolate bar. It just makes sense, you guys.

Sarah Maren Photographers

For more information on Andy’s Candy, you can visit their website…or just march right into the store ASAP.

All photos courtesy of Sarah. Because she’s amazing.

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