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In super spontaneous news, Sarah and I both happened to see Disney’s Cinderella this weekend. It’s kinda like this morning when we wore almost the exact some outfit to our planning meeting. Great minds and all that. (I mean, CLEARLY.)

But back to Cinderella…


I loved it.

I know! I can’t believe I just blurted it out like that. But it’s true. We all loved it. There was an actual conversation at my house just now about wishing we could see it again.

The casting was so well done. I could spend hours talking about how stunningly perfect Cate Blanchett is in life AND as Cinderella’s stepmother. Did I mention that she’s stunning? Lily James was a very sweet and believable Cinderella. I don’t know WHY she’s believable as a fictional character but she is. As is the charming and adorable Richard Madden who plays the prince. They were precious together. And I love his father/son relationship with the king. All the feels. Helena Bonham Carter was only on screen for a few minutes but was hilariously captivating as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. (Even if we were a little distracted by her teeth. Are they new teeth? Were they supposed to be exaggerated and slightly too big for her mouth? Why do Sarah and I notice these things? Are we the only ones?) She was just as magical as we all wanted her to be and didn’t disappoint in the bippity boppity boo-ishness. I could go on and on about all the characters BUT I WON’T DO THAT TO YOU.


I’m also not going to write a love letter to every dress and every costume even though I simply want to. The colors. The styling. THE COLORS. So vibrant and wonderful! I loved them. I almost consider them a separate character of the story. A gorgeous and incredibly fun character.

Throughout the entire movie, wave after wave of nostalgia hit all of us. There was something about the way it reminded us of the original, cartoon version that we all grew up loving. There were special touches that were equally special in a different way. The magic was magical without being cheesy. It was, from start to finish, so touching and fun and made us feel like little girls watching for the first time. We can’t wait to watch it again.



All pictures courtesy of Disney


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