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Writers Block, Cap City Moms,

The first rule of blogging is that you don’t tell people why you haven’t been blogging. Actually, the firs rule of blogging is probably, DON’T STEAL CONTENT/PICTURES but since none of us actually own a rule-book, who actually knows what the FIRST rule is?

The second rule of blogging is: Don’t whine/complain about your life.

This is the rule that everyone breaks. (Present company included.) (I’m no angel.) (I almost spelled angle. I’m not that, either.)

I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t been writing. Anything. Or much of anything. There are SO MANY THINGS I (we) want to do and say and accomplish. And I can’t decide if I’m subconsciously hiding from all of it or that the words really are just…stuck. Of course, there’s the inevitable: No one wants to read about THAT. (I mean, this is RIVETING. How could you not want to read about all this?!?

And then life gets busy. So it’s starts getting easier to say: that will have to wait. Because the things you love or enjoy sometimes get shoved aside because live is crazy busy and there are life-stuffs that just can’t be ignored. After so many times of letting “busy” get in the way, you’re out of practice. You haven’t picked up that book you’re reading in AGES. You haven’t worked out IN AGES. You haven’t hung out with friends IN AGES. You haven’t written (or blogged) IN AGES. Because you’re waaaaaaaaay out of practice of making YOU a priority.

I don’t have any magic answers. Life is insane. There are always a million things to do and not enough time to do it all. But this morning I stole some minutes for myself and, magically, I started typing and kept going. I’m not saying that all this typing has led to anything amazing, but at least I actually typed something. Fingers crossed that it actually makes sense. (I’ll settle for partial sense.)

I’ve missed my Cap City Moms (virtual) living room where we chat…and maybe complain sometimes. (A little bit is helpful, right??) I miss #TeamCCM (even though I’m not quite ready for actual running) and getting outside and moving. I love the CCM Book Club and can’t wait for what we have in store this year. (You’re reading Year of Yes, yes?) I miss all this. 

I just wanted you to know.

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