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At the start of each month, I list my goals for said month in the pages of my Bullet Journal.  Inevitably, the line gets scrawled of how many books I want to read that month.  It varied from 2-4, just depending on how much I have going on that particular month.  Last month the goal was three.  I already had them chosen, they were loaded to my Kindle and I was ready to read!

Then March happened.  And by happened I mean March hit me with the speed and force of a freight train.  I had some incredibly wonderful experiences, made some giant life and business changes and built a new website for my decades old business from scratch, and had a heavy shooting schedule.  It was A LOT of work, and I was buried in the intricacies of it all while trying to keep my children fed and moderately clean.  Oh! And it was spring break for part of that so they also wanted to be entertained.  March was just a lot.  And so, of course, something has to slip, and for me it was most definitely my reading.  I got through half of a book, but because my reading time is usually right before bed, and because I’d been working late into the night I would make it only a few pages in before falling asleep.  And yes, I DID drop my Kindle on my face once or twice.  Thanks for asking.

All that said, things are starting to mellow out a little.  I’m not in a mad dash to get my website all pretty and put together.  The shooting schedule has slowed a little, and I’m finally going to bed at a decent hour.  So it’s FINALLY, OH SO FINALLY time for me to dig into our CCM Book Club’s choice for March and April The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

Here’s what Amazon has to say about it:

An Amazon Best Book of the Month, September 2014: It is 1922, in a genteel house in a genteel neighborhood just outside of London. Here, the widowed Mrs. Wray and her 26-year-old daughter, Frances, pass each day very much like the day before—with Frances busying herself with household chores, maybe a bit of needlepoint, and her mother nibbling on a lunch of cauliflower cheese while making notes for the parish newsletter. In less skilled hands, such prolonged stage-setting would test even the most patient reader. But in Waters’, it’s mesmerizing, with every small but evocative detail serving to transport you further into this place and time. Take a deep breath as you’re reading, because as soon as you are you lulled into the calm cadence of these lives, the Wray’s tenants—the “paying guests” they have taken in to help with the bills—turn everything topsy-turvy, and by the novel’s conclusion, you have gone from straight-up period piece, to love story, to edge-of-your-seat crime thriller (and not the American kind “with a plot full of holes” that the Wrays suffer through on picture-house Wednesdays). For a story set just after WWI, some of the themes Waters touches on are surprisingly contemporary. History does repeat itself sometimes, and so it goes for Sarah Waters, with yet another masterful novel. –Erin Kodicek

I am pretty excited to sink my teeth into this novel!  I’ve heard nothing but good things from readers I trust and I am excited to see what you think too!  We are having our book club meeting on April 30th, so join the Facebook page to get the details!  I look forward to hearing more about what you think of “The Paying Guests!”




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