Bullet Journal 101 :: Bringing Joy to Your BuJo!


Sometimes making a to-do list is nothing short of drudgery.  There have been days when I opened my Bullet Journal and felt a wave of despair hit me. Mostly, because the amount of tasks set before me were well above what I was humanly capable to do.  There are only a few little things that make that feeling ebb away.  And by little things, of course I mean washi tape and stickers. Yes, the answer to my woes is usually Bullet Journal accessories.  Judge me if you mus, but there is magic in colorful, sticky stuffs.


The thing I ADORE about using the Bullet Journal system, is there are no rules.  And even the guidelines are basically there to be messed around with.  I’ve never seen two people do their BuJo’s the same.  How wonderful is that?  This is the system that really you make your own.  You do what works, you change what doesn’t.  It’s a constant experiment and I LOVE IT!  As Jill and I have chatted with people about Bullet Journaling, one of the biggest concerns is that they don’t feel “artistic” enough or “creative” enough to “do it right.”  Well, as I said, THERE IS NO SUCH THING!  You know what the right way to BuJo is? It’s however you’re doing it right now.  2017 will be my third year using a Bullet Journal and MAN have I changed a lot since those first few weeks and months.  The only thing that has remained the same is that I color code things… but even the colors have changed!  I love giving myself permission to be messy, to make mistakes and try new stuff. Of course, the best part is, I’ve never been more productive.  I’ve curated a planning system that works perfectly for ME!  Because, let’s be honest, there aren’t any planners out there designed for a photographer/teacher/blogger/podcast producer/social media consultant/wife/momma that I know of. 


My delight with Bullet Journaling has also lead to me doubling down on my office supply obsession. Especially pretty things like Washi tape, stickers and pens.  Jill and I even have a BuJo drawer in our office!  It is filled with all sorts of things that we love using to make our Bullet Journals feel like us!  Here are some of the accessories that bring us the most joy!

Large Grid Moleskine Notbook :: Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Notebook  :: Faber-Castell Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set, Assorted :: Stabilo Colored Pens  ::  Zebra Midliner Highlighters  ::  Create 365 Happy Planner Sticker Value Pack Brilliant Year  ::  The Happy Planner “Get It Done” Stickers  ::  Washi Tape Tube, Botanical Garden  ::  AGU Set Of 24 Cute 3mm Slim Masking Washi Tape  ::  Premium Washi Masking Tape Collection (SET OF 16)  ::  Hero 36-Piece Watercolor Colored Pencil Set

Check out our video for even more about what a joyful BuJo looks like for us!




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