Bullet Journal 101: Setting Up for a New Year!

It’s that glorious time of year where putting a plan together is just the thing to do.  Getting ready to start a new year has always made me ambitious.  There are so many things I want to do! So many things I want to accomplish!  The best way I know to keep track of my goals and plans is, of course, with my Bullet Journal.  This year, I’m excited to be trying lots of new things! I’m including new layouts, getting rid of some that didn’t work, or modifying them to fit me best.  I’m also working on adding some real joy to my Bullet Journal! Not just cool washi tape and fancy markers either.  I want to work in the memories of this coming year. I want to use my Bujo not just as a place to record the epic amount of crap I have going on, but the sweet moments and happy memories with my adorable family.  Check out my Bullet Journal set up video below to see just how I set things up for 2017.

We are also excited to help  YOU get ready for 2017. Especially if this is your first year using a BuJo.  We know how overwhelming it can be, so we put together these free printables to help make things a little easier on you.  Get monthly 2017 calendars that will easily fit in a page by CLICKING HERE. And if you want to give habit tracking a try, I made a great blank habit tracker for you! CLICK HERE to download.  See how you like using the calendars or habit tracker as you get going.  When I first started Bullet Journaling I put all 12 months at the beginning of my book, and then another at the start of each month.  It worked for me for a bit, but now I’m trying a different way of future logging and I like it.  That’s the beauty of this way of planning – it’s SO adaptable!  You can do something, modify it, abandon it – whatever works for you!  Dont’ be afraid to change things up and try something different.  You might find your new favorite thing.

Overwhelmed with what to get to start your BuJo?  Here are my MUST HAVE supplies.

Large Grid Moleskine Notbook Jill’s Journal of choice:: Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Notebook Sarah’s prefered BuJo vessle :: Faber-Castell Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set, Assorted :: Stabilo Colored Pens  ::  Zebra Midliner Highlighters :: Premium Washi Masking Tape Collection (SET OF 16)  ::  Hero 36-Piece Watercolor Colored Pencil Set

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