Bullet Journal Update!

Bullet Journal Update

I’m all too aware that time flies, but even I couldn’t believe that already a month has passed since I started using the Bullet Journal. I have to tell you that, even after a month of crazy, Sarah and I are still HUGE fans. It really works for us. And we each use our journals a little differently.

We both follow the basics of the original Bullet Journal while we both add our own flair and way of doing things. We both have specific pens we use (have we mentioned we’re both giant pen nerds??) and I’ve also been known to use washi tape to add a little color and personality when I feel like it. (I’ve also included some of my favorite supplies at the bottom of this post.)


I love the printable calendars that we talked about before. Seeing the month, even abbreviated or written simply, at a glance helps me to have a simplified overview of what’s already residing in our iPhone calendars. (Yes, I will always need an alarm or reminder to remind me of what appointment comes next.) I’ve also taken it a step further and I include the current month’s training schedule that Sarah created for #TeamCCM. Since it’s already time to gear up for February, I attached both calendars to the next set of blank pages.

cap city moms, bullet journal update

I’ve also found that I like to use more identifiers as I get more used to the journaling process and how I like to track things. I don’t know WHY an event is different than an appointment, but I LIKE IT. I’m getting used to some of these new identifiers that I’ve seen around, but I’m not sure that all of them will stick around.


The one thing that Sarah and I both feel like we need to do more of is actual journaling. There is plenty of space for thoughts and ideas and quotes and daily feedback. While I often devote full pages to “brain dumps” they usually end up as a Master Task List for the week. Which, again, is fine since this is all mine and I need to keep track of my crazy, but I’d like to get better about writing random thoughts down. You never know when a random thought will turn into a fabulous idea. (What? It could totally happen.)

One thing I’m terrible at is the “rapid journaling” side of things. If I just wrote down one word that signified something I needed to look into, I have very little faith that I would actually remember what I was thinking of previously when I looked back. Unless the word was “pizza” and then it would be a very safe bet that I was thinking about pizza or craving pizza. (This happens fairly often.) But to remember specific ideas that I need to act on or investigate, I will always need to write down a simple sentence to go along with it. There’s just WAY too much to remember in life and this saves me from smacking my head in frustration when I can’t remember all the things.

(I can never remember all the things. There is too much. Let me sum up.)

It seems so crazy that a notebook and a pen could change the way I get organized or keep track of my own personal insanity. I know! But I love the Bullet Journal. Do I still forget things? Sure. If I don’t write it down, there’s a pretty good chance I won’t remember it even existed. Do I still ignore certain tasks? Yes. Yes I do. While this system has kept MUCH better track of my life and to-do lists, I’m still the same idiot that puts things off sometimes. I’m trying to change that. But this is a journaling system. I didn’t have a lobotomy.

How about you guys? So many of you reached out and said that you loved it. Are you still? Is it working for you? Do you think about pizza a lot, also? Should we get pizza?? I’m open to suggestions. And I would LOVE to hear your Bullet Journal ideas. Especially with regards to pizza.

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    February 4, 2015 at 9:36 am

    I love bullet journaling! it is the only way i’m able to track both work and home and personal and random all in one place. I found a note book at target that I like it had 12 months in the front and lined paper in the back. It was only $7 but felt like the find of the year!

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