Bullet Journal: Volume One

I’m living in a world where I start sentences and can’t finish them. I just messaged Sarah with two things I needed to tell her and by the time I got to the second thing, there was absolutely no recollection of what I wanted to say. Apparently there was too much detail in the first thing, my brain couldn’t handle any more than that. SO IT DIDN’T.

Just another example of the need to (even simply) write things down so I’ll actually remember. I don’t even know why I didn’t follow my own rule. I have no excuse. After all this time, I know this about myself. WRITE IT DOWN, JILL.

Believe it or not, I am finishing up my very first Bullet Journal. (Whaaaaat??! I KNOW.) With only a few pages to go, I’ve started setting up my next notebook so that I don’t have any space of time without a “working” journal by my side. Because I LOVE THE BULLET JOURNAL YOU GUYS. No, like I super, duper love it. Even after 6 months in.

I feel like it is my duty to tell you that my favorite thing about the Bullet Journal is that I get to make my own rules. I think I need to say that again: I get to make the rules up as I go and I absolutely love it. I think the reason I didn’t end up loving all the calendars and daily planners of the past is that I had to conform to someone else’s way of doing things. I was confined to one page a day or feel like I had to use the entire page per day method. I also felt like an asshole when I missed a day and feel like I wasted that precious page of dated and lined goodness. Feeling like I’m doing it all wrong isn’t exactly good for productivity.

Even though the traditional Bullet Journal has a general guideline and way of doing things, you get to decide what works for you. And then you can change the way you’ve been doing things if you decide things aren’t working as well as you thought they would! The flexibility is refreshing and the possibilities are endless.

Graduation and vacation and deadlines have completely melted my brain. I can barely form intelligible sentences and I still can’t remember what I was going to tell Sarah. (Aggravating!!) But sitting down to brain dump all over my bullet journal has helped a ton. This particular record of thoughts may go on and on for a couple pages just so that I can somewhat feel like I’m doing something productive with my life and that I will remember it! Hopefully!

In the meantime, it would be awesome if one of you would remember what I was going to tell Sarah. I’d super appreciate it. Since I’m over here just now remembering that I didn’t put the clothes in the dryer last night. So there’s that. (Ugh.)

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    Valeri Garcia
    June 16, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    YES! I love it too. It’s been amazing for me for work. I’m able to even go back to dates and see when I did certain tasks. I, too, have adjusted the way to use bullet journaling for my own uses and preferences. It’s been fantastic!

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