Calling All Walkers and Runners (and Both-ers?)

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a natural runner. Most of the running events I’ve ever been a part of I’ve used a run/walk combination of some sort. It works for me. But I know that everyone is different. Which is exactly why #TeamCCM means so much to us here at Cap City Moms.


Deciding to run my first half marathon was the best decision I’ve ever made. At a time in my life where I was lacking confidence and feeling quite powerless, having a goal and sticking to it changed the way I felt about myself. It gave me a boost of confidence that I never expected to have. To this day, when I’m feeling out of balance and not my best, I know that a nice, long walk our good run will help put me back a little more on track. Yes, getting out there to walk or run (or both) is good for you physically. (So! Much! Good!) But boy, do those endorphin-things do a body (and mind) good. It’s a game-changer.

Are there times when I don’t want to run? YES.

Are there days when getting out of bed and leaving the house early seems impossible? YES. And YES.

Do I feel better when I just do it? YES A MILLION TIMES OVER YES.


It doesn’t matter if you are a more experienced runner or just starting out. Walkers and runners or all of the above, we would be humbled and honored if you would be a part of #TeamCCM. There are several running events that we’ll work towards, but you don’t have to be signed up for that particular event to join us. We are working hard to build a team of awesome mamas and planning super fun training runs  for us all. Getting out there is the most important part! But having a team to keep you company or as a resource or as a way to keep yourself accountable makes the experience even more amazing. The team that helps you reach your personal goals.

We are your team!

We’re all in this together and if I just now put a High School Musical song in your head well, I’m equal parts proud and also very sorry that I did that to you.

(Mostly, I’m proud.)

We have a #TeamCCM Facebook group that we can’t wait for you to join. (It’s a closed group, so just request an invite. Easy peasy!) This is where we can keep in touch regarding training schedules and group runs. This is where you can connect to other #TeamCCM mamas. You can ask questions or share what is working for you. 

Training for the Davis MOOnlight Race starts next week. More events to be announced shortly! But this gives us all a goal to look forward to. If you’re not quite ready for this event, we’ll still have group runs that you can absolutely join and we hope you’ll join the team for the next event!

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This morning on our run, Sarah and I talked a lot about what’s coming up and our plans to help all of us reach our goals. We’ve got the most amazing ladies in this community and we are super excited to rock it with all of you. Stay tuned!

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