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magicalIt’s that blessed time of year again where I get to impart upon you all this years book club reading list!  And the angels rejoiced!!!  First of all, I have to tell you what a great time I had reading with you all in 2014.  We read some REALLY awesome books and, honestly, a couple less than wonderful ones.  But you guys, WE READ!  We read together, and then we got together and talked about it!  It made me very, very happy (once again) to be a part of the Cap City Moms community.  I loved our discussions over various meals and drinks.  You were just as passionate about some things we read as I was, and that always makes me feel good.  I can’t wait to hear about your thoughts on this year’s selection of books.  We are keeping to six books again, because it seemed to work out pretty well for everyone.  We will get together at various locations again to talk (and eat and drink) and have some wonderful in real life conversations.  So!  Without further ado here are CCM’s 2015 book club selections!

JANUARY/FEBRUARY:  Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

01badfemenistI LOVE this book and am REALLY excited to talk about it with all of you!  Roxane Gay is an incredible writer.  Her words are tack sharp yet filled with vulnerability and authenticity.  If I hadn’t been being disrupted by my kids wanting food and my work and stuff, I could have read this book in a sitting.  Her essay on weight is exactly how I feel about weight.  I called Jill and said, “I don’t need to write about weight anymore.  Roxane Gay has said it all, and much better than I ever could.”  This book is a wonderful mix of essays – some light and laugh out loud funny, and some utterly heart wrenching.  I can’t wait for our conversations about this read!



MARCH/APRIL:  The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

02ThePayingGuestI have been hearing about this book A LOT from all the places I hear about books from.  When my favorite podcast, magazine AND website tell me to read this book, well then, I should probably read this book.  Of course, I am bringing the CCM book club with me along for the ride!  This, I must warn you, isn’t a light read.  It’s set in post World War I London, the main character is a lesbian, there’s murder, intrigue and apparently an AMAZING ending.  This book is about as high brow as the book club is getting this year, and the longest read as well.  It’s no Goldfinch, but it’s almost 600 pages.  BE READY!  This book has the potential for the greatest read of the year! I really look forward to reading and discussing this book with you!!


MAY/JUNE: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

03YesPleaseFull disclosure: I’m reading this book right now.  Yeah, like five months in advance, but whateves.  When the book is available at the library on your kindle, ya read it right now, okay?  But as I’ve been reading I’ve been caught up in thoughts of CCM and talking this one out with all of you.  Poehler is a great story teller, an unapologetic feminist, freaking hilarious and incredibly honest.  It has really been a pleasure reading this book so far.  It’s not just laughs a minute, but its themes of motherhood, career, finding your place as a woman in a male dominated field, learning to love yourself and being awesome hit close to my heart.  I think this will be a book we all have something to say about!  Plus, you KNOW you want to read it!  So why not read it with the book club, right?


JULY/AUGUST:  Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner

04LittleEarthquakesI’m gonna let you in on a little behind the scenes action here at CCM.  This would make for great reality show fodder I am sure!  The thing is – Jill gets a little bit worried about some of the books I pick. I think it’s crazy, but I still listen to her because I am a wonderful friend. On our long run this past weekend she voiced some concerns with my summer book selection.  I had chosen a book about a blind concentration camp survivor.  She said it didn’t scream “summer read” to her.  While I couldn’t disagree more, I definitely see where she’s coming from.  Our pal Dina busted out her phone and started looking up another book for our summer read.  Yes, she did this WHILE WE WERE RUNNING!  Basically, Dina is amazing.  But she found author Jennifer Weiner, and after looking through her vast collection of novels I decided Little Earthquakes would be a great read for the Cap City Moms!  If it’s terrible, it’s not my fault is basically what I’m saying. :)


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: Single, Carefree, Mellow: Stories by Katherine Heiny

05SingelCarefreeMellowYes, this is another book I heard about on NPR.  But it sounded SO GOOD that I wrote the title down while at a stoplight.  Safety first!   Then I was reading some list of books someone was excited about in 2015 and this one popped up again!  So basically, I was fated to read this book.  I love a good collection of short stories.  I like the way short stories jump into the middle of something and leave before the very end.  Plus, I figured since we’d be right in the thick of getting kids back to school and all that craziness short stories might just be the bite sized literary break we will all need.  Both of my kids will be in school this fall (pause while I cry and dance with joy… I have mixed feelings) so I see myself reading this while waiting in the never ending pickup lines at two different elementary schools. I will be able to feel the solidarity of you all there with me as we read this selection together.


NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

06TheEyreAffairOur final selection for 2015 is a book my dear friend Karlene has been telling me about for the better part of a decade.  When it was suggested as one of our reads for this year on our reader survey I knew it was time I finally read this book.  I would try to explain it to you, but honestly, I don’t think I can!  Know this, it’s about fictional characters getting stolen from their books.  Someone kidnaps Jane Eyre from the pages of Bronte’s novel!  I love the high concept intrigue and can’t wait to dive in to this delicious book.  It is sure to be interesting and fun in all the best ways.




So there is your reading list for 2015!!  Are you as excited as I am???  Any book you’re particularly excited to read?  I look forward to many lively discussions with you awesome gals in the months to come!  Happy reading!!

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    Kristin Veare
    January 27, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    I am half way through Bad Feminist and am in LOVE! I just got off work and I am going to dig into it again!

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