CCM Book Club: The Goldfinch – How’s It Going???

I’m going to be real – I’ve finished The Goldfinch.  Okay, I’m going to be realer – I have finished it and two other books since the start of the year. I have been hungry for stories lately.  Actually, I think The Goldfinch had a lot to do with that.  It was the first book I read in 2014 and I have to tell you – it kind of set my brain on fire.  So much so that I was kind of annoyed that Jill started it about the time I finished it.  Fear not, I have since forgiven her.

The writing in this book is INCREDIBLE!  It made me thrilled to be a reader, I felt like I was a part of this world in a way that I so rarely do when I read.  There was no tearing the writing apart because I didn’t notice the writing – I only saw story and I freaking LOVE IT when that happens.

But enough about me and how much I love this book!  What about you?  I know Bridgette commented that she has read it – is there anyone else out there who has read it?  Are you in the middle of it?  Just beginning?  Are you like me and thinking about reading it again… ALREADY?

I am excited to get together for our first OFFICIAL book club meeting on Tuesday, March 4th.  Plans are still in the works, but it will most likely be in the Roseville area in the evening so mark your calendars!  More details will come soon!!

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