CCM Healthy Train: WEEK 1

The CCM Healthy train is on the move! Week 1 is all about setting your goals and what you want to accomplish during the next eight weeks! Take a general goal that you have and then list specific steps you are going to take to reach that goal! Be sure that your goals are measurable AND observable.

We are talking about our goals in this week’s video and how you can join us on the CCM Healthy Train! We also make sure to remind you how you (yes, YOU) can be eligible for prizes!


Tell us your goals! Your hopes and dreams for the next eight weeks! There’s a lovely printable below that will help you set some goals! Don’t forget, to post pictures of your goals using the hashtag #CCMhealthytrain to be entered into the drawing for prizes! (THIS IS SO EXCITING.) See you in the comments and on Instagram!

Use the hashtag #CCMhealthytrain so that we can all stay connected

Use the hashtag #CCMhealthytrain so that we can all stay connected



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    Amanda Wilson
    June 22, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    Love it!! I don’t have access to a printer so I will be filling out my goal sheet on the computer. Also, love the disclaimer at the end. :D

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