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Macaroni Grille, champagne, a wild rumpus, sarah and Jill

Could someone PLEASE invent the kind of time machine that would AT LEAST slow down time. I don’t have any idea how this would work, I leave that to the people who are smarter than me. But what I need is a way for years and months to slow the heck down so I can enjoy my kids, my friends and my family without feeling like it’s not enough. Is that too much to ask? And if it is, can we at least slow the summers down? Just the summers? No?

We all know that I have a hard time saying goodbye to summer. I always have. Just humor me that slowing summer down is a possibility.

For now, I take what I can get. I slow down when we can slow down. I celebrate good times with pasta when I can celebrate with pasta. I think that’s the law.

The delicious and wonderful Macaroni Grill invited us to try their new catering and to-go menus so a celebration of friends and summer memories was born. Actually, we called it a Pasta Pool Party because it’s really hard to say five times fast and that’s just the kind of shenanigans we were looking for.

Wait. Maybe we were looking like THESE shenanigans. 

macaroni grille, a wild rumpus, Jill and sarah, pasta, kid party


We wanted these kiddos to have a great time before school started. Before the chaos and homework and, sigh, early wakeup calls had started. We just wanted fun. And while I *am* grateful they didn’t get pasta in my pool, I am so so so glad they had a good time swimming and slurping pasta to their heart’s content. 

The grown-ups? Ahem…yeah, we did okay too.

macaroni grille, a wild rumpus, Jill and sarah, pasta, kid party

We sat and chatted, played with the kids (foosball battles, anyone?) and none of us had to worry about food prep or finishing up dinner. We actually got to slow down for a little bit. Just like I was hoping for. Our friends at Macaroni Grill brought everything we would need. I mean…everything. Plates and napkins…dressing for the salad, oil and vinegar for the blessed bread dipping. They thought of the kiddos and made sure there was plenty of Mac n cheese…and cookies for dessert. But what struck me was how EASY it all was. (All I had to do was walk to the fridge and open the bottle of wine I had chilling.) Not gonna lie, I wish this could be the standard for how dinners work around here. But what I *do* know is how impressed we all were with every delicious bite and the simplicity we can count on for our next big event (aka Sunday dinner with the family) and knowing it will be awesome.

So a HUGE thank you to Macaroni Grill to slow down and celebrate the simple things in life. And how much fun we had just having TIME to spend together being the dorks that we are. We simply had a blast. 

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