Cozy Couch Chats :: Me Time – Best Thing Ever or Total Bu!!sh*t??

This CCC may be one of my favorite to date.  Mostly because we couldn’t really stay on topic – like always.  Jill and I have been struggling the last little bit to keep ourselves on a schedule that includes a little “Me Time.”  For us, me time looks like going for a walk or run or a trip to the gym.  But we just have NOT been able to make it happen with our crazy schedules and life events aplenty.  To be honest, it has us a little down.  So we wondered, how do YOU carve out some time in your day to meditate or work out or just take a deep breath?  Of course we talked about other things as well.  Like voting, doing the civil minded thing and NOT running over Trump supporters, and of course Car Pool Karaoke – Broadway Edition!  Seriously y’all – it was a magical 11 minute journey of JOY!  If you haven’t watched it PLEASE WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!  Then take a peek at today’s Cozy Couch Chat!  See you on Thursday evening when I am flying solo on my CCC!  What should we talk about?  Want some jam making tips?  Want to know how to properly hang pictures?  Want to know my feelings about this season of Game of Thrones?  Leave a comment and tell me what to talk with you about!!  But first… watch today’s CCC!

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