Cozy Couch Chats :: The Joy of John Mayer…on SnapChat

If you haven’t been joining us for our Cozy Couch Chats, we might be wondering WHY. Because we are super self-absorbed and can’t understand why you would miss a chance to hang out with us. Basically.

However, beneath all that terrifying narcissism, we are super giving and wonderful (ha!) and so we like to make it super EASY to hang out with us. Because we care. We care about you all hanging out with us.

I’m only partially kidding. Truth is: we really like hanging out with all of you.

We had a blast talking about things on the interwebs that are giving us so much joy. Like Chewbacca lady and…John Mayer on SnapChat DON’T RUN AWAY WE ARE BEING SERIOUS!

John Mayer on SnapChat is the gift that keeps on giving, you guys.


I mean, here are 10 Thing We’ve Learned From Following John Mayer on Snapchat:

  1. If you have pedialite and no children, it’s time to get your sh!t together
  2. It is possible to catfish yourself – it’s heartbreaking but delicious
  3. You can be brave enough to go to Coachella by yourself. You just gotta go. With a flashlight.
  4. John Mayer will not get mad at you if you Snapchat while driving IF you’re going under 5 miles per hour. (Um. But of course WE don’t condone this behavior. Hashtag: safety first.)
  5. How to hand wash overly expensive white t-shirts that I will never, myself buy (Even the pit stains)
  6. If it take you 17 times to record the word “MIND” it’s time to take a break
  7. I don’t have time for this bullsh!t
  8. His bathroom is BANANAS – now my bathrooms simply aren’t good enough
  9. You should always apply chapstick with music playing in the background – it just adds to the moment.
  10. Any soup that doesn’t come in a can is bullsh!t.


Let’s be honest, the only reason we stopped at 10 is so you wouldn’t run away from us screaming. Basically, you should just follow John Mayer on Snapchat. Also us. Feed the terrifying narcissism.


You can find us on Snapchat as:


and don’t forget:
@johnthekangaroo (aka: John Mayer)


You’re welcome for everything. We love you all.

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