Cyber Monday Deals

We’ve been perusing the interwebs. Ok, we’ve been perusing Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals because we can’t help but want things. Things we want so bad we can’t even stand ourselves! This is a very selfish wishlist but we rarely seem to buy things for ourselves, so we went with it.

(And you can click on any of the pictures and it will take you to Amazon because we like making your life easier.)


Okay. we’ve talked about the Instant Pot. Sarah has raved about it. And now I’ve gone and bought one with these crazy sales. It changes your life AND you kitchen. It’s crazy cheap today. You should get one. We’ll have INSTANT POT PARTIES. (No but really.)





I can’t even pretend that I’m not madly in love with my Kitchen-Aid. But. It’s seen better days. BUT THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES WITH THIS MAGICAL CREATURE OF A MIXER. It’s glorious. But you knew that. (Also, we are going to talk about the vegetable peeler/zoodler/magic things are happening attachments. We just are.)




I’ve wanted one of these for years. That’s all.






I freaking love my Fitbit. Even when my activity levels are crap, it’s always amazing to see just how much sleep I DO NOT get! That was supposed to be funny but now Sarah is going to lecture me. (She’s worried I’m going to die young from now sleeping.) But here’s the deal: I like keeping track of my activity and how I can improve. It’s a constant goal of mine. This helps me do that. (And I still love this one.) 






The Kindle Paperwhite is a glorious invention. Sarah has one and, yes, that means I want one too. It is especially wonderful when you can’t sleep and you don’t want to disturb the person next to you. It’s just wonderful for everyone and OMG I really want to buy it.




If you are into the essential oils and what not, this would is a GREAT deal for if you were wanting a diffuser and just didn’t want to commit to the price. Cyber Monday. The gift that keeps on giving!






Make you life easier this next year with wonderful kitchen gadgets. IT JUST SEEMS LIKE A GOOD IDEA. We are all about simplifying so why not? This magical gadget slices through prep time (see what I did there?) so that you don’t feel like you’re stuck in the kitchen all night long. I am super here for THAT. 






Okay. New Year is coming up and we all know that drinking more water should be first on our list. And I have to say that drinking infused water helps me get more water in. It just does. (Citrus water for the damn win, y’all.)







Okay. Please don’t yell at us for bumping up your Christmas budget. These are such GREAT DEALS we couldn’t help but tell you about them. 



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