Does this week make me look fat?

I had big plans for posting this week. I had blast from the past moments to share and the soundtrack of all soundtracks to go along with it. There might have even been a picture or two of Sarah and I in middle school because we know how much joy it brings you and how it’s equal parts joy and humiliation for us. I mean, HOW DID WE NOT GET BEAT UP FOR DRESSING LIKE THAT?

These are part of life’s mysteries that still need to be solved.

These trips down memory lane will absolutely happen. But that they can’t be rushed. And they can’t be written when life is so cattywampus you can’t even devote the proper amount of time to such important and life-changing posts. Okay, so important and life-changing is a bit of stretch. But I do promise bad hair, bad fashion and proof that Sarah and I were middle aged in middle school.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m making excuses. I know you don’t need any of that. I’m just admitting that life is nuts and a little upside down right now. For both of us. Coincidence? Actually, yes. I have a dental-inflicted crater in my mouth that is taking FOREVER to heal and knocking me on my ass right in the middle of work deadlines and jury duty. Sarah is moving mountains and being a bad-ass super-hero and will join us when she’s not saving the planet from the evil Zurg. Or something like that. The details are a little fuzzy. (I blame the crater.)

After reading my Facebook timeline or having chats with co-workers, it sounds like this week is nuts or just plain hard for many of us. Being a human is hard enough. But when you’re a mom and a wife and co-worker or own your own business, it just makes everything a little bit harder because people are depending on you or need that report YESTERDAY.

So this is me.

Giving us all a big hug and a high-five for making it through Wednesday.

And maybe, JUST MAYBE, tomorrow can be the day where we can make you laugh with ridiculous Sarah and Jill stories with ridiculous Sarah and Jill pictures to match. Because we like to make you laugh.

Can we all pray to the jury duty gods that I will be DONE after tomorrow? And, I mean, if that works you can bet your ass we’re going to have a conversation with the crater-gods. BECAUSE I MISS FOOD THE END.

(Hang in there, everyone. We’re almost there.)

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