Enjoying Your (Extra?) Day Off

I love where we live. But I often take for granted that we live so close to some pretty amazing locations that are just an hour or two away. With out of town family visiting recently, we’ve taken the opportunity to be a little touristy and visit some of our favorite places while showing them around. It’s been wonderful even though I feel a bit foolish that I don’t get out to do these things more often.

For some of us in the area, we have a three-day weekend coming up in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. With that in mind, and having an extra day off, I thought I’d remind all of us some great semi-local destinations that you and your family could enjoy.

Squaw Valley
You don’t have to be a ski family to enjoy Squaw Village. There are so many different shops and restaurants, you could spend hours just wandering around. Someday, I aspire to at least take one or two ski lessons, but we had an absolute blast just enjoying the view. It just snowed last weekend, so there’s even a little snow to play in! On our way home, we stopped at the Donner rest stop and had a pretty good snowball fight.

squaw valley

Folsom Lake
Let’s face it, we’re having a very warm January and we very much need some rain, but this weekend will be some fabulous weather for exploring some of the various trails in the Folsom Lake area. (While you’re there, I’m sure there’s still plenty of dry land to see where the lake usually is.)


Apple Hill
We often think of Apple Hill as a fall destination, but luckily for us Boa Vista Orchards and most of the wineries are open all year long. (Except for some of the major holidays.) We had a wonderful time learning about a few of the different wineries (and spent quite some time at Madrona) recently and didn’t realize that there were so many! We brought our lunch with us, but stopped for apples and cider at Boa Vista before heading across the street for a picnic. For dessert? Caramel apples. And then more caramel apples.

apple hill

What are some of your favorite day trip destinations? We’d love to know!

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  • Reply
    Karen of MrsLookingGood
    January 15, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Have never been to Squaw Valley, thanks for featuring it. Might be something our family should check out this year.

    We love hiking in Auburn and Cool as well as checking out the Old Sugar Mill. Won’t really take a day to do these things.

    • Reply
      Jill Mansfield
      January 16, 2014 at 5:35 pm

      We had such a great time. I hope you guys do as well!

      (We’ve hiked in Foresthill, but not really in Auburn. We need to check that out!)

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