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This weekend was a doozy in both the best and worst ways – but a doozy all the same.  We started our weekend by finally going to the snow. Dustin and I had planned to take the kids to the snow over Christmas, but with Lauren having recently had emergency surgery and all (more on that soon… I think) we decided to postpone to when they randomly had the Tuesday after MLK day off, but then  it was white out conditions that day so we decided against it like smart adults.  So, Saturday morning I woke up with a pain in my neck and head that was BRUTAL. The day of the twice postpones snow trip.  If I postponed again I think they would have murdered me in my sleep.  So, of course, Mom being in loads of pain doesn’t mean we don’t go to the snow! Oh, no! Mom will power through!  And boy did I! I choked down a handful of Advil (and then forgot to bring more) and away we went to a day in the snow.


I’m not going to lie. It was marvelous!  It did not start out that way though. I had woken up several times during the night in a panic that we would die in a snowy/firey car crash so anxiety levels were high.  I’m fairly certain that’s why my neck and shoulder were spasming so mightily.  Despite all that anxiety and fear and annoyance at other drivers and wishy-washy chain requirements we arrived in Tahoe City and had a downright delightful time sledding down hills, building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa.  It was awesome.  We had an incredible adventure and I loved spending a day with my family just having fun and not worrying about work and all the craziness of life.  I had the best damn day!

The drive home my spasms reached new levels of horrible and my dear husband got me to my bed where I pretty much stayed until this morning.  That’s right! From Saturday afternoon to Monday morning I was in bed with my only friends, Advil and muscle relaxers and Netflix and chill.

I watched A LOT of stuff that had be building up in my Netflix que. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes going through and marking things to watch is the thing you spend the most time doing on Netflix. I also watched a few minutes of things and turned them off and I ended up with one of my television comfort foods and had my fill.  Basically, this weekend was the freaking best.  Fun with the fam, and then so much desperately needed resting.  I feel like a new person despite the occasional neck spasm.  This morning I found myself listening to the soundtrack of one of the movies I watched, and Jill SnapChatted me that she has a migraine and I imagine she will be spending most of today in a dark room so I decided I would share with all of you what I watched this weekend and if you should watch it too.  (Spoiler: you probably should.)


Begin_Again_film_poster_2014BEGIN AGAIN (this is on Showtime, not Netflix. Sorry)

So, I love Mark Rofalo, and I have lukewarm feelings about Keira Knightly but YOU GUYS! YOU! GUYS! I freaking loved this movie.  It is fun and delightful and the music is good.  It’s totally geared to middle aged women and I ate that shit up with a spoon.  The joy of watching creative people find their way and families find their way back to each other and all that good stuff.  I have a feeling this is going to become one of my On In The Background movies.  Yes, it’s rated R, but that’s because they say the F word 5 times.  That’s a normal morning in our house, so I have no problem letting my kids be around when I’m watching.  It was SO GREAT!  Go watch it right now on Netflix!



caseofyouA CASE OF YOU

I kept thinking, “This movie is ridiculous! I should turn it off!” But I couldn’t, because despite the fact that it is TOTALLY ridiculous it’s also kind of adorable. And despite me thinking “I should hate this movie!” I actually kind of loved it.  So there! Take that!  It may have been the muscle relaxers or it could just be that I love a movie where they completely make writing look like it is the worst thing that ever happened to a person (because, guys, it totally is!) and I love it when boys are idiots and cry about being dumb and then fall in love with the manic pixie dream girl!  It’s good times.





Aloha_posterALOHA: (Also not on Netflix, on Starz. So you’re welcome!)

It is TOTALLY as bad as you heard it is.  ALL the people you LOVE in the WORST FREAKING MOVIE EVER! Don’t bother.  Really.  Don’t.








madmaxMAD MAX: FURY ROAD (Again with the not on Netflix. I have too many viewing options I guess)

I just… could not.  I made it to the title sequence and then I tapped out and deep dove into some comfort television










Yup! Give me some British people fighting crime in the most sarcastic way possible and I will watch it ONE ZILLION TIMES.  I watched the final episode of series one, episodes 1 and 3 of series two and episode 1 of series 3.  I may go finish up series 3 this afternoon just because I love it so.





Jill, I hope if you can tolerate television you choose to tolerate one of my suggestions. J

As for the rest of you, what good stuff have you seen lately? And what do you find yourself watching over and over again?  Tell me in the comments!!

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    January 27, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    Lost Girl–like Charmed, but Canadian.
    Master of None– because of Aziz Ansari.

    Thanks for the movie recommendations.

    Looks like the snow day was awesome. ♡

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