Gearing Up For Summer

I can’t wait for the school year be over. I’m counting down the days until I don’t have to worry about homework and projects and driving a million different places. (Also: MAKING LUNCHES.) We certainly don’t have *lazy* summers, but at least there are a few less things to worry about on a daily basis.

Okay, maybe it’s just that I don’t have to make lunches. I may just be celebrating that.

When my friend Jennifer posted about her summer plans and incorporating “learning time” into their daily schedule, it really got my thinking about our summer plans. Or lack thereof. My kids are older, so my summer plans may not look like yours, but I’m still very curious about what your ‘go-to’ plans are that DO NOT involve various summer camps. (There is nothing wrong with camps. LOVE them! But I’m very curious what your FAMILY does on the daily.)

Do you do a little summer learning like Jennifer does? Are you hands off, let everyone chill? Are you vacationing and theme-parking? I really want to know. And I have a feeling that a lot of us want to know.

So here is what I would love: I want to crowd-source and build summer ideas. I would love for all of us to collaborate and help the mamas out. If we all put our heads together and share our ideas, we could make our life easier and, maybe, more fun for us all.

Comment below. Send us an email to capcitymoms (at) or find us on Facebook. If you’re okay with it, write a little post and we will feature it here on Cap City Moms as a featured post. (Just let us know how you feel about your name being used or not.) IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER: we will absolutely credit you and link back to you and/or your post.

The great and amazing thing about moms is that we all have some pretty fabulous ideas. But how great would it be to see other perspectives? Another mom’s idea could open up an entire summer of fun for you and your family that you hadn’t thought of yet.

In the next few weeks, we will be compiling your ideas and, hopefully, taking some of the guesswork out of summer. Phinneas and Ferb say there are 104 days of summer vacation. My kids certainly don’t have that many, but having options and ideas to fill up the days they DO have will make this mama very happy.

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