Getting Back To It

We really haven’t forgotten about our Spring Cleaning Challenge. I think I speak for everyone here at CCM that last week was bananas. Like, totally and completely BANANAS. Crazy work schedules and events, family visits, sick kids and doctor appointment, house for sale insanity and the feeling like allergies are about to do us in.  I know, I know…that’s life! But it put us WAY behind schedule.

So while we find a way to get back on track, here are a few things that we’re lovin on this week!

Eat to Feed the Hungry
We had a wonderful turnout for our food drive back in November. And the Run to Feed the Hungry is always amazing! But it’s good to stay involved all year ’round. Eat to Feed the Hungry is a fabulous way to help!


The goal of this fun, local event is to remind Sacramento diners that Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS), the local organization that operates Run to Feed the Hungry, serves thousands of families year round. Thanksgiving is an obvious time of year to support families in need. What about in March? Sacramento residents can keep their support going throughout the year by enjoying a meal and in turn providing a meal for another family in our community.

There is no purchase necessary to participate in this event, but you can make a contribution to SFBFS to help make the event an even bigger success. For every $5 donation, you will receive one entry to win a $50 gift card to one of the participating restaurants!

More information here and here.

Freshly Picked Giveaway

In a couple of weeks, Cap City Moms will be telling you a little bit more about the amazing Freshly Picked and? Maybe a little giveaway. Trust me. You’re gonna LOVE them. Stay tuned!! (Psst! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram!)

Apps to Make Your Life Easier
Mashable has a list of 9 apps that are supposed to make our lives easier. I maybe rolled my eyes at a couple of them. I’m not going to tell you which ones, but I *am* curious if you had a similar reaction. I’m just not sure that ALL of those apps would simplify my life.

And just because this made ALL THE DAYS…Footloose and The Tonight Show. Because you knew this would make an appearance here.


Have a great week everyone!!!

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