Golden Globes – Did You Watch??

In all honesty, I find myself not having a ton to say about the Golden Globes last night. The show was great! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were fantastic. The dresses were fabulous. It’s always entertaining to watch the various celebrities drink too much or get star struck when they realize they’re sitting next to their idol. There were the epically awkward speeches that made us cringe. There were also the speeches that made us go, “Huh?!”

Jennifer Lawrence was there…charming the pants off all of us. Even if the internet found that her dress resembled the makeshift frock that Flounder makes for Ariel in The Little Mermaid, I found her to be adorable and wonderful. Also, I really just love her.


While most of the internet was discussing Jared Leto’s hair and Brazilian booty, I was reacquainted with my crush on Bradley Cooper. (He’s easy on the eyes, isn’t he?)


I was glad to see American Hustle win so many awards. (I seriously loved that movie.) But was also reminded how many award-worthy movies I haven’t seen. I still seem to live under a rock where excellent television shows are concerned and am always surprised that FRIENDS re-runs can’t win any awards.


Leonardo DiCaprio shocked me by looking really…old and he annoyed me by using his “presenter time” as “second-chance speech” time. But Emma Thompson wins all the awards for classy, kick-ass lady. LOVE HER.


But I will tell you, that what I loved most about last night was kibitzing with other Cap City Moms during our “virtual” Golden Globes Party. On Twitter or with our Google Hang Out, it was fun to dish about the nominees and who looked amazing. Or…who completely missed the mark. It was fun to laugh about and make the same jokes with someone sitting in their own living room miles and miles away.

Y’all are FABULOUS company. I simply cannot wait until our Oscar Party on March 2nd where I hope even more of us will gather around the screens to watch awards show magic and profess our love of Jennifer Lawrence.


Okay, *I* will profess my love for Jennifer Lawrence. It’s optional for everyone else.

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