Half-Assed Binge-Watching

I’ve been watching (re-watching) The West Wing. I guess you could say that I’ve been somewhat binge-watching, but I don’t think that I’ve been THAT committed to my craft. But I have been watching it A LOT.

Turns out, I either didn’t watch it as much as I thought I did when it was originally on or I have a REALLY bad memory. I remember certain situations and characters very familiarly. And yet there are incredible amounts of West Wing moments that I can’t even remember. Actually, most of these West Wing moments I don’t remember at ALL. It’s like I wasn’t even there.

In all honesty, I probably wasn’t.

I think what we can conclude here is that, in classic Jill form, I lost my patience with keeping up with a TV show and gave up because I just can’t with TV I guess.

Or my memory is just shit, you guys.

The world may never know.

As someone who kinda hates politics, I find it interesting and funny that I enjoy this show. I suppose, in reality, I enjoy the dialogue that Aaron Sorkin writes but since we’re still mad at Aaron Sorkin right now, let’s just pretend that I like the politics of it all. Or maybe I just want Martin Sheen to be president? I’m just kidding. That guy fathered Charlie Sheen…I probably don’t want him to be president. (Sorry Martin. I’m sure you’re a lovely guy with an off-the-rails son. Please don’t be offended that I wouldn’t actually vote for you in real life.)

(Side note: OMFG could you imagine THAT in the mix right now? Actually, no…let’s not do that to ourselves.)

Besides, I don’t want to discuss politics right now. I will. Later on down the road. Because we should. But not right now.

Right now I want to find it hilarious that I’ve quit every show I started watching over the past couple of years because I lose my mind AND my patience trying to keep up with all of it. The truth of the matter is that unless members of my family turn it on to watch, I’m just not going to take the initiative to watch. I’m a lazy TV watcher! More accurately, I’m more of a Netflix, streaming TV watcher…but even as I typed that, I feel like it’s a total lie.

I’m a lying liar who doesn’t have the fortitude to watch even the best of television and I just have to learn to live with this. Or all of you have to learn to live with me. Both of these statements could be true. But the bottom line is that I’m really bad at watching TV and I needed to come clean. Again.

Unless we’re talking about FRIENDS. Again. Then…everything I just said doesn’t really apply because I will watch FRIENDS all day long and twice on Sunday and now I’m not even sure why how I got to season 2 of the West Wing when I could’ve been watching FRIENDS.



We’ll see how far this goes.

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