Halloween Costume Ideas

It is October 20th and the Halloween costumes I meant to purchase two weeks ago are still on the proverbial rack. I’m often a failure at Halloween costumes and I’m glad my kids seem to be used to expecting it. We’ve reached the point in Halloween preparedness called: Where Whatever You Have On Hand Plus Scary Make-Up.

Or: Where What Your Sister Wore Last Year.

I always have good intentions. Really. We first chatted about costumes nearly three weeks ago. Life, as it always does, takes over and then when you ‘come to’ it is all of a sudden the week before Halloween and you don’t even have a single spider web hung. (Of course, the ones that were already there can stay. It’s art.)

Since I’m absolutely no help (obviously) we have found some ideas from people who are much better at this than I am.

Han Solo

My friends Liz and I have a lot of common. Starting (and ending) with being super tall. But her love for Star Wars and The Beatles always makes me smile. But you guys…her adorable son Max as Han Solo? I DIE. Liz and her husband have all the details on how to make all that awesome happen. (Seriously, how cute is this kid??)

Max as Han Solo

Max as Han Solo


I’ve loved Oh Happy Day for years. As much as I love them all year ’round, I’m always excited to see what kid costumes they come up with for Halloween. They never disappoint. (Someone. ANYONE. Please dress your kid up as this hipster. COME ON.)




Also from OHD, I am completely in love with how simple (yet awesome) this butterfly costume is. EVEN FOR ME. I don’t have littles who would wear it, but I’m thisclose to bribing my nieces. I have no idea what would entice them from an Elsa or Anna costume, but I’ll come up with something. (I know, I KNOW…I love Elsa and Anna, too.)



If you’re still perusing all the costume ideas, what has caught your eye so far? I don’t dress up very often, but one of these days I’m going to buy a red trench coat because CARMEN SANDIEGO YES PLEASE. (Also, I just really want a red trench coat, thankyouverymuch.)

In the meantime, I’ll be over here pretending I have my Halloween life all put together. Instead of just eating all the Halloween candy. You know, as one does.

 Happy Halloween!

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