Here We Go Again (I’m EXHAUSTED)

I keep promising myself that I won’t do it again. Each and every time, I question my sanity. And yet I am talked into going almost EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

After all these years, I can’t seem to say no to midnight showings.

It started innocently enough. A bunch of us decided that we would go see the 3rd Harry Potter movie at the midnight showing. Yes, that’s right…a bunch of grown-ass adults decided that a midnight showing of Harry Potter was an excellent plan. We were adorable! But…we had a BLAST. The people watching was fantastic! I was about to say something about having a night off from the kids, but I’m pretty sure that my husband and I were the only ones in our group with children at that time. So…yeah!

To recap: Adorable and easily entertained grown-ass adults at midnight showing of Harry Potter. You know, because of course.

But we started a tradition. Each time a Harry Potter movie was released, a group of us found ourselves sitting amongst a mostly teenage crowd, staying up WAY too late but enjoying the hell out of ourselves being ridiculous. We (accidentally) talked it up so much my kids made it something to aspire to. They’d ask when they could start going. Foolish, foolish chicken that I am, I ACTUALLY GAVE THEM HOPE. I don’t remember exactly when that timeframe was, but I basically told the oldest she could join us when the next HP movie came out.

I’m an idiot who doesn’t think things through.

Because if you take a mouse to the (midnight showing) movies, he is going to want popcorn. And if you give him popcorn, THEY ARE ALL GOING TO WANT TO GO TO ALL THE MIDNIGHT SHOWINGS EVER AND ALWAYS.

What started as an homage to Harry Potter turned into other midnight showings for other books made into movies. Hunger Games. The Fault In Our Stars. And (God help us) a couple of the Twilight Movies. (I DON’T KNOW EITHER SHUT UP.)

(Although, while we’re admitting things…Sarah and I also went to the Sex in the City midnight showing. I’m pretty sure that she is going to stop being friends with me because I just told you that. 30 years of friendship down the toilet. ::sigh::)

There is part of me (the older and grumpier and really, REALLY tired part of me) that is wishing I had never traveled down this midnight showing road. (Which, wow. That could be taken WAY out of context and stop that right now.) But then I think about how much fun those darn kids have each time we take them. Heck, I think about how much fun *I* have each time. And inevitably, they suck me back in. Every. Time.

Now we’ve reached the point where both kids are old enough to go this week when Mockingjay Part 1 comes out and you should see the excitement that radiates from that youngest child of mine. She has endured all these years of her older sister getting to go and not her! SHE HAS WAITED ALL HER LIFE FOR THIS MOMENT, YOU GUYS.

I mean, I remember the feeling of being old enough to stay up for Johnny Carson. Or when I FINALLY had rights to the front seat. Midnight Showings are the new rites of passage. The milestone that you wait and wait and wait for.

So I guess I can stick it out for one more. For her. (For them.) But after that I’m DONE, you guys. This time I really mean it.*

*Until they talk me into the next one. Of course.

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