Here We Go

A few months ago, we put out a call for runners as we attempted to build a Cap City Moms team for the super awesome CIM relay. What we didn’t expect is having enough interest we were able to build four teams.


Because we’re rad like that.


Signing up for your first race isn’t easy. It’s hard to try something new and it’s hard to commit to the training in our already busy lives. But I will tell you, it’s so worth it. Even if you’re not ready to sign up for races yet, you can still join #TeamCCM as we train for CIM. Having a set schedule, and team accountability, will help get you into a running/walking routine.

If you want to join us as we head into our Day 1, we are starting our first round of training today. This means that we will complete two full training cycles before race day. This helps everyone get used to being on a training schedule to ensure a successful race or outcome.


In the next few weeks, we will check back here (and in our #TeamCCM Facebook group) to offer support and tips for us all.

YOU GUYS ARE RAD. This is gonna be awesome.


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