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As we get Cap City Moms off and running, we have been excited to share some of our big news and plans for the upcoming year. It’s all happening little by little, but there’s so much we want to do! It’s hard to have patience. We’re as bad as the children!

One of the benefits of having an amazing community it staying in the loop. It’s not a perfect science, by any means. But it’s one way of sharing something interesting or something you find important with other moms or your friends and family. We want to start discussions about what’s going on in the world…or the classroom. Or even what’s going on around town. It’s hard to keep up with it all! But we are working on ways for all of us to take part. To get the conversation started, and to keep us all in the loop, here are some thing we’ve been taking note of the past couple of weeks.

Sacramento Area Flu Season
 flu season ahead
There have been three “flu-related” deaths in the Sacramento Area, but experts are still calling this flu season “typical.” However, it can hit younger adults harder than some of the older crowds. Flu shots are encouraged, but not all will take part. Vaccinations aside, I’ve become obsessed with hand washing, vitamins, and getting lots of fruits and veggies. Hey…anything that will help!

Snapchat and Other Privacy Myths

  Every time Snapchat appears in the news, my 16yo knows to expect “the perils of the internet” talk with her. It’s not that I hate Snapchat so much as I don’t trust anything the owners of Snapchat have to say. I also don’t trust an app (or anything on the internet) that claims to be private. That’s just not true. Screen-Shot-2013-01-22-at-11_23_04-AMAny internet activity leaves a mark of some sort. That’s just the way it works. Especially if, like Snapchat, the site is easily hacked. My kids and I talk often about how a picture or tweet or a text could have harmful consequences even years down the road. (Or by the time your plane lands in Africa, if you’re Justine Sacco.)

Golden Globes
The Golden Globes are FOUR DAYS AWAY. Do you watch the award shows? I’ll admit I don’t watch them all, but there are a few that I absolutely love. Cap City Moms will be live-tweeting and Google+-ing the Golden Globes this year and we REALLY want you to join us. It is going to be so much fun to virtually “hang out” with all of you watching! (I’ll be wearing PJ’s this year. Versace is great, but nothing beats cozy sweats!) Stay tune for the links for our Google hangout! And don’t forget to use #CCMGG so that we can all follow along in the fun.

Disney Resolutions!
 disney-parksDisney Parks is giving away a Disneyland or Disney World vacation every day in January. The mind reels at the possibilities! But it’s true! In their 2014 Family Time Resolutions, they want us all to “Make a resolution to laugh bigger, scream louder and say yes more often with your family…” And I, for one, am all for it. Visit the website for more details and enter for your chance to win a quality family time vacation. That would be an amazing start to 2014. Good luck!!!

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