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How to start a bullet journal

I have been talking about Bullet Journals A LOT this month.  Not just on this site and our YouTube… I mean, just in my life.  Everyone from friends to peers to total strangers.  I have a converts zeal about using the Bullet Journal.  It is not hyperbole when I say it changed my life.  Because it did!  Using a Bullet Journal has mad me more productive, more focused and more task orientated. If you think I’m a hot mess now, GRACIOUS! You should have seen me before!  With all this chatting with so many different and varied humans about Bullet Journaling the thing I’m finding the most interesting is how frightened people are about starting a Bullet Journal.  There are so many Pinterest pins and Instagram hashtags and YouTube videos showing the world how creative and freeing a Bullet Journal can be.  But I’ll be honest, if I hadn’t heard about Bujo’ing before today, and I saw all the stuff I see EVERY SINGLE DAY when it comes to Bullet Journaling, I would be too scared to start as well!  I would think mine could never be that pretty or that useful.  I would think my handwriting was crap, I am not creative enough for that and that I should just stick to the status quo planner – even though it REALLY wasn’t working for me. So in the spirit of friendship and BuJo zeal, I’m sharing my Bullet Journal with you from 2015!  That’s right, my very first Bullet Journal.  I didn’t start with a plan or an idea.  I watched Ryder’s video and thought, “Well, it’s worth a shot!” Jill had started before me, and I was super digging what she was doing.  So I just started!  Check out the video below for a flip through of my Bujo and some sage advice from you Bujo Fairy Godmother. (That me, by the way.)

How to start a bullet journal

I think my daily spreads are the ones that have really evolved the most! I went from basically brain dumping every day to organizing my tasks by project using a color code.  This year I’m playing around with time tracking during the day as well. (Don’t worry… there will be a post on that soon!)  It was really incredible seeing how far I’ve come in the past couple of years.  I feel SO much more on top of things with the Bullet Journal.How to start a bullet journal

Well, maybe THIS spread is the most evolved because in 2015 I didn’t even write a single goal down!  I’m happy to say I wrote A LOT of goals down for 2016 and even COMPLETED a few of them! I like have this kind of spread of my bigger, over-arching goals that I can break down into bitesized monthly and daily peices.How to start a bullet journal

My meal planning has come a LONG way too – especially since I’ve been doing a Whole30!  I love knowing what I am going to feed my family every day and not stressing the hell out every night at 6:45 when I realize I have nothing prepared.  Seriously, this was a game changer for me.  I can’t recommend using your Bullet Journal to meal plan highly enough!
How to start a bullet journal

My monthly views really changed as well.  I started my first BuJo doing it the way Ryder showed in the video.  I knew right away that it was not going to work for me.  The next month I changed to calendars I printed out every month.  This year, I am hand drawing the calendars as a way to zen myself out.  I thought I would hate it terribly, but I actually loved it!  I also changed things up last year and started dedicating the very first page of each month to a quote I wanted to meditate on that month. (If only I spelled things correctly – aw well.)

It’s so rewarding to me to look back on where I started and see where I am now.  I’m sure in 2 years my BuJo won’t look anything like what it does today.  This year I’ve really given myself permission to experiment with new things.  Try different spreads and ideas and truly figure out what works for me.  It’s been a wonderful adventure.  If you already BuJo, what do your first and current books look like compared to each other? What have you changed? Share a picture on Instagram and tag @heywildrumpus and use the hashtag #bujothenandnow. I’ll share some of my favorite then and now photos in a future post! If you haven’t started, what’s holding you back?  I’m happy to answer questions in my videos!  Feel free to email me at with your question and I’ll answer what I can!  Happy Bujo’ing!

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