I Can’t Quit Harry Potter


Many years ago, my youngest brother gave me a book to read. I would tell him over and over that I would read it, but I actively kept NOT reading it. I just assumed that I wouldn’t enjoy it at all. I started reading it thanks to the guilt I felt, but I never gave it a chance. I stopped about 10-15 pages in.

“Not my thing, dude.”

“I promise you’ll like it. Just keep reading.”

So I did. Eventually.

He was right. I absolutely loved Harry Potter. (Duh.)

From that point on, I was hooked. I read those first three books in record time and then played an epic patience game as we all waited (in agony) for the remaining books to be written and released to find out what is happening to Harry and the gang. Getting to the end of each book was TORTURE as you knew it would be a couple years before you found out what happened next. I remember being so sad that book 7 (and the series) was ending I went back and re-read the last several chapters before finally “letting myself” finish the book.

With millions of readers being so attached to Harry, Ron and Hermione…and, ahem, all the rest of them, I’ve loved how J.K. Rowling has kept talking about all of the characters even after the last chapter was written. I’m sure it could be seen as not being able to move on (for all of us) but when you invest so much time and energy into these characters over so many years, of course it’s going to be hard to let go. Or impossible.

So yes, I am going to get ridiculously excited when we get to learn a little bit more about Dumbledore’s Army folks. (Thanks for the full option, Today Show.) It’s going to make me want to re-read the books (again) and probably watch a Harry Potter movie or two.

It also will make you want to watch a Harry Potter vs Twilight dance battle. Probably. Because I’m pretty sure that’s one of the reasons that the internet was created.



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