I <3 TV Spoilers

I started watching Scandal last week. All hail Netflix and their binge-watching enabling. Ever since Kerry Washington became our spirit animal, I’ve decided that I just *have* to make time for Olivia Pope and her flawless wardrobe. I’m only on Season 1, Episode 5 so don’t tell me anything. Not a damn thing. I’ve somehow been living under a Scandal rock and don’t know very many spoilers.

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(For the record, this post MAY contain spoilers for other shows that were on years ago that no one probably cares about anymore. But still. SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned.)

This is the first show I’ve watched way after the fact (that everyone else has been watching for years) that I really, really, really don’t want to know what happens until I watch it myself. Normally, I don’t mind spoilers. I know, there’s something wrong with me. But let me just tell you, sometimes TV watching is stressful. Sometimes it’s better to know that your favorite character is going to get killed off. Or be prepared that someone gets pushed off a platform into the path of a subway train. IT’S JUST BETTER TO KNOW THESE THINGS SO THAT YOU CAN HANDLE YOUR SAD OR STRESS.

I binge-watched the first two (three?) seasons of Downton Abbey while home sick for a freaking week. I had been somewhat avoiding it because getting involved in a TV show is a BIG decision for me. I do NOT take such decisions lightly. Keeping up with a TV show is actually really hard for me. Yes I have a DVR. No it does not help. If there are too many shows saved on the DVR, it becomes homework and overwhelming and then it’s just easier to hit the delete button and read spoilers on the internet. But being home sick for a week? Well, I had some time on my hands. And, against my better judgment, I fell in love with those Downton Abbey people. Even though, I felt like I already knew all about them thanks to the interwebs.

Social media is a tricky beast. Especially living on the West Coast. If you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, your favorite show could be spoiled for you because someone may leave a status update or tweet with their outrage or surprise at a show’s new plot twist. (Or who won Master Chef.) I already knew that Sybil died thanks to tweets I had read months earlier. BUT OMG SYBIL DIED AND MY HEART DIED TOO AND I WAS SO GLAD I KNEW IT WAS COMING. (I wasn’t as sad at Matthew dying. I knew it was coming, true. But I was also scarred from the passing of Sybil. A heart can only handle so much, Julian Fellows.)

When my husband started watching House of Cards, I felt slightly less prepared even though I already knew about the subway scene. (Thanks Twitter and Buzzfeed!) That show is INTENSE. So I welcomed any and all spoilers and wasn’t mad if my husband watched an episode without me. (See? I really do have problems with TV stress.) I even made Sarah answer questions for me just to prepare myself. It annoyed the hell out of my husband that I knew so much. When I realized the subway scene was approaching I got all kinds of nervous and he looked over at me and said “WHAT DO YOU KNOW.”

All the things, dear. I know All. The. Things.

And then I covered my eyes.

I may be a terrible TV watcher, but I’m quite enjoying myself as I embark on this new Scandal journey I have found myself on. I enjoy the characters. I am entertained by the storylines. I’m intrigued by the smart writing.

I love every damn outfit Olivia Pope wears.

But I have to wonder if I’ll be able to see it through. I really like the show! But will I be able to keep up with watching it? Will my (part time) binge-watching capabilities continue? Will I KNOW what all of you Gladiators(?) know?

Spoiler Alert: MAYBE. I might be able to see this through. We’ll all have to stay tuned.

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    August 10, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Welcome, Gladiator :) You are in for a great ride. Counting down to September 25th! Once you’re in, you’re in! Haha! <3

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