ICYMI: What’s Happening This Week


Last weekend we started a Spring Cleaning Challenge that actually SIMPLIFIES the process. Because, let’s face it, tackling new chores and projects is super overwhelming. Are you joining us? Have any tips for us? Jump in at any time!

But for today? Today we’re adding to what we started yesterday with the cleaning doorknobs and we are wiping down the interior doors today. You can ‘dust’ them off first, or just attack them with wipes or damp, soapy cloth. YOU decide.



We had our first CCM Book Club Meeting this week! But I hate calling it a meeting because it was really amazing conversation over Mexican food. And who doesn’t love amazing conversation over Mexican food? If you didn’t get a chance to read The Goldfinch yet, it really should be on your list. It was FANTASTIC and we all absolutely loved it. I’m super excited that Hyperbole and a Half is our current book on the CCM Book Club agenda. We’ll be digging deeper into the book the next couple of months, so pick up a copy and join us!!



Have you heard of Colin? You probably have. And, if you’re anything like me, you’re mom-heart exploded a little if you saw him on Good Morning America today. The folks there not only surprised him for his birthday, but also surprised him with a trip to Disney World. I wish we could do this for every kid who struggles with being different or has a hard time making friends. But it’s exciting to see the love being sent to this cute little boy.



Don’t forget Daylight Savings begins this Sunday and the dreaded SET YOUR CLOCKS FORWARD that always leaves me a little sad. Losing an hour is just cruel. I always think that I’ll go to bed earlier to compensate. Ha! Yeah right. But maybe I’ll sneak a nap in! (Another ‘yeah right’ to that.)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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