I’m Gonna Let Her Fly

A Wild Rumpus, iFLY, iFLY Sacramento, indoor skydiving

I am not known for being adventurous. I like safe and cautious and spend most of my time safely on solid ground. But maybe if we found a way to fly (skydive style) without jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, you just might get me to try something new. AND IT DID.

Me. I did it. I tried something new, you guys.

A Wild Rumpus, iFLY, iFLY Sacramento, indoor skydiving

This is not me. But you get it.

We were invited out to iFLY this summer and my family was JAZZED. I was excited. Mixed with nervous and NOPE. But excited. I just wasn’t sure that I would be the one to make any jumps.

I was wrong. In the best way.

But, I really was nervous. And, to be honest, I really didn’t think I’d be jumping when we showed up. I’m not the tiniest human on the planet so…just how would all this work? (Spoiler alert: it worked.) (Science is cool/terrifying.)

After arrival, you get checked in and sign a couple forms. Nothing over the top – just some safety aspects you need to cover. Now. At this point you step on a scale and I just felt like you should hear this from me first. Please note: YOUR WEIGHT IS NOT DISPLAYED FOR ALL TO SEE.  Not even close. The data is put in the system because, well, that’s how they science things up for your jump in the tunnel. (Too much/Not enough wind would be bad. Let the people weigh you.)

(Stepping on the scale is the scariest part.)

(I’m just kidding.)

(I think.)

A Wild Rumpus, iFLY, iFLY Sacramento, indoor skydiving

The four of us had the best instructor (shout out to Brenden) who led us through our training and got us situated with our jumpsuits. He also may have talked me down of the ledge. Or talked me onto one. It’s complicated.

Yes, THAT is me.

What you should know is this: I had a good time. I’m SO glad I jumped. (Even if I felt a bit awkward.) But…my co-jumpers had even more fun then me and they were stinkin adorable while doing it. 

A Wild Rumpus, iFLY, iFLY Sacramento, indoor skydiving

You guys, we had a BLAST. The staff at iFLY is tremendous. And I can’t even begin to thank them enough for inviting us to hang out with them for the evening and how much fun we had! 

A Wild Rumpus, iFLY, iFLY Sacramento, indoor skydiving

P.S. They have STEM education events that I really want to attend. Also: securely fasten your hair under your helmet so that you don’t have the rat’s nest bangs situation that I did. Okay, that’s all so fun you should go the end.

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