Friday Round-Up

Sometimes just getting to Friday is cause for celebration. But knowing that I’ll have a three-day weekend is just icing on the cake. Speaking of cake…

Icing on the Cupcake is Closing
It sounds like this weekend will be the last hurrah for the adored cupcake masters. This is a family favorite, so my 16yo may have summoned up all the teenage angst she could muster for an epic meltdown after hearing the news. We’re trying to find the best way to freeze a couple to save them for a special occasion. (You know, like any Tuesday.) Make sure to stop by to grab a last sweet treat!


Target E-Mail Not a Hoax
Target is still dealing with the aftermath of the huge credit card security breach. But if  you get an email from them regarding free credit monitoring, it’s the real deal. Hopefully you all haven’t had to worry much about it!


Football Wives: They’re Just Like Us
You may have heard about a big game happening this weekend. Now, a lot of people in MY life are pretty pumped about it, but I may be licking some wounds from my team losing last week. (Sigh.) However, 49er coach Harbaugh has some questionable fashion choices that his wife would like to remedy – which really has me laughing. He just can’t stay away from the pleated khakis even though she’s thrown them away several times. All I’m saying is that this kinda made me love her.


Find a Way
In our Cap City Moms Community, we posted an amazing TED talk from Diana Nyad. Now, if you haven’t heard Diana tell her story of swimming from Cuba to Florida, well…I hope you’ll watch. Talk about BADASS. And she celebrated her 60th birthday last year. 


(Side Note: You can join the CCM Community by clicking here. You can click on request and I’ll add you asap. It’s a fabulous place to share the good, the fun and the inspiring.)

Don’t forget that you can STILL enter to win a Disney vacation every day in January! Enter today!

Last week we mentioned a call for your stories on motherhood. I sincerely hope that you’ll spread the word! (Or submit that story you wrote!) This is an amazing event. I absolutely cannot wait.

Have a wonderful weekend, mamas!


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    January 17, 2014 at 10:29 am

    Ha ha. I assumed Harbaugh wore the pleated pants to make room for long johns and other warming layers. ;)

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