Is There an Elf on Your Shelf?

As parents, we get to decide how we handle certain holiday traditions. Do you teach your kids about Santa? If you do, does Santa wrap presents or leave them by the stockings unwrapped? Does your celebration revolve around the Nativity and the Baby Jesus? Do you open presents on Christmas Eve? Or is Christmas morning your big hurrah?

Is there an Elf that makes its way throughout your house each night? WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE?

Creepy? Or, loads of fun for the entire family.

(Although, let’s get real. Santa is a big, bearded dude that come to your house through the chimney while everyone is sleeping and we’re all totally okay with that. The hell?)

I’ve seen some pretty strong opinions about this Elf on the Shelf business. You wouldn’t expect that a *ahem* fake elf could cause so much controversy. AND YET. There are some parents that can’t stand the idea. And so many that absolutely love the fun and holiday spirit that it brings to their home.

Love it or hate it, there are some pretty fun versions of this family tradition. And recently, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by my friend Shannon and her Elf on the Shelf, Gingie. So, in honor of Friday, we thought it would be fun to share some of Gingie’s greatest hits.

Like, making sure the kids know that it’s NOT the parents doing all this: 

wall writing

Well if there was any doubts before, this certainly clears that up. Parents do NOT write on the walls!

They are from the North Pole, right? This makes sense.

iceskating lessons

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself. Apparently.


Donuts anyone?

cheerio donuts

Elf sized donuts made by Gingie himself.

Bathroom decorations. Now with more cowbell. And mean bows.

bathroom bows

Gingie helped us decorate the bathroom with bows.

Um…accidents happen?


Gingie had an accident on one of our cookies. My 5 year old laughed and popped it in his mouth while my 8 year old screamed in horror.

This guy IS pretty nice to bring all the treats.

fruity pebbles

Gingie Flintstone brings fruity pebbles and green milk from the North Pole.

So what about your family? Do you Elf on the Shelf?

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  • Reply
    Lyndsay Lewis
    December 13, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    oh my! I love all of these elf photos- my favorite is the freezer shot! We have an elf too – but right now, he just visits our house during the holiday season. However, I’m thinking our elf may just become a special guest at our holiday traditions, because let’s face it, I’m not sure I’ll be able to go all the way with the elfness!

    I wrote a little more about our elf here:

  • Reply
    Amanda Wilson
    December 14, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Our elf, Alvin, came about 2 years ago. Last year Katie, then 6, freaked out about Alvin “watching me all the time” after a few days & Alvin was asked to go back to the North Pole. Indefinitely. Our elf was also not very creative, not to mention fearful that Sarah would touch him & spoil the magic, so the places he would hang out during the day were limited. Mainly in the tree, on the mantle & on top of the fridge.

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