Kid Friendly Super Bowl!

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I love football. There are definitely aspects of the game and the NFL that are less than ideal, but the actual sport of football is so much fun to watch. I love the start of fall, football snacks…curling up with a blanket and a laptop (because that’s how I watch football) and enjoying the hell out of yelling at my TV. I love cheering on my favorite players (Go Saints!) even when my favorite players have a really lame season. (Although, maybe not as lame as a certain local team this year I AM SO SORRY I TAKE THAT BACK, YOU GUYS.) But as much as I love football and Super Bowl watching, sometimes I feel bad for the kiddos. Sometimes. So we thought we would round up some kid friendly super bowl ideas to get ready for next week.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe it’s my job to entertain my kids 100% of the time. I’ve also never gone to a Super Bowl party without kids. (Do people do that? Is that a thing?) I’ve had kids all my adult life so we’ve always incorporated our children and kid-friendly stuffs in our plans even though there are times we say “Hey, deal with it and go play with your friends we are watching sportsball right now.” I think that’s just good parenting. But all of these activity for kids sound like fun for grown-ups too. So basically everybody wins.

Games and Activities!

The kiddos won’t spend the entire game on any of these, but if it’s FIVE MINUTES that is five minutes that you’re not being told that they’re bored. WIN!


Found here

super bowl games for kids, super bowl, super bowl activities, super bowl party

Found here


There are some more game ideas found on our Party Time Pinterest board. Don’t forget to check it out!


We all know that a HUGE part of Super Bowl Sunday is the snackage. I love how cute these cups are. I’m never creative about stuff like this. But you could use these super cute cups for chili OR snacks. Or even ice cream sundaes. We’ve also pinned a few more recipes too!


party city, football, super bowl, super bowl sunday, chili, super bowl food, super bowl snacks
What are your favorite Super Bowl traditions? Are kid-friendly activities and food a part of your planning? Since I don’t actually care who wins as much (although, the Dirty Birds are a sworn enemy) I’m kinda excited to hang out with some of my peeps and sit at the kid table this year. Can you blame me?



super bowl, super bowl sunday, super bowl with kids, a wild rumpus

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