Let’s Go to the Oscars!

As much as I love watching the Golden Globes and the Oscars, very rarely do I see more than one nominated movie before the awards season hits. Having only seen one movie, I become the champion of cheering for that movie. I will root for the actors or the editing or the screenplay, and then the movie as best picture. Every so often I’m on the winning team. That ONE movie that I just happened to see is winning awards! Of course it is! It was amazing! Everyone, please listen as I tell you how fabulous that one movie I saw is!

Sure enough, the 2014 Oscars are this Sunday and I have seen exactly one (1) movie on that best picture list. It was the same movie that I had seen while watching the Golden Globes last month. I’m terrible at watching excellent movies, apparently! You know, except for that ONE movie I saw around Christmastime.

However, I absolutely love awards season. I love to see what people are wearing. I love to see the elegance and the impeccable style. Well, the elegance and impeccable style of many. I wonder if some celebrities make it a habit of dressing in the dark or their fashion choices are based on dares. Those are just as fun to watch if you ask me. (I do realize that you didn’t ask me. And yet here we are with me talking about it like you did.) I love it all! The excitement! Yes, I even love the ridiculousness of it. I think that’s the point.

Sure this is a night to celebrate the art and hard work of movie making. But I think it’s also a time for having fun and escaping into the bizarre reality that is Hollywood. These actors and actresses are playing the part – and not just the part they play in the movies. The part of “celebrity” who dresses fancy (or weird) and attends awards shows. Even the most outlandish dress choice is all part of this peculiar reality that we love to see…and yes, comment on! They want our attention. Their career is based on our attention. And, to be quite honest, this is one of those times when I love giving my attention to the Hollywood nuttiness and glamour.

So, yes. I am excited about The Oscars this weekend. I love Ellen. I love that she’s hosting. I love that I’m getting together with friends in a silly (yet awesome) PJ’s and Pearls Oscar party. I love watching to see what the latest style trends will be. I love the excitement of whoever wins. I love the intrigue! What lame thing will Ryan Seacrest say?! Will everyone’s dresses stay put? (Please say yes.) Who will charm the pants off the audience and everyone watching at home? Will there be an upset? Will we fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence all over again? (Just me?) There is so much to look forward to!

I, of course, will be cheering my heart out for the ONE movie I have seen. That’s just the way I do the Oscars.

It is so much more fun to “watch” The Oscars with friends. The Cap City Moms will be hanging out on Twitter and Facebook (and Google hangout) as we virtually watch all the fun together. We had so much fun during the Golden Globes, we hope you’ll join us! Use the hashtag #CCMlovesOscars to follow along wherever we are. The Oscars will start at 5:30 on ABC. Red carpet coverage can be found on E! pretty much all day. I’m only sort of kidding.

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