Looking Back…and Forward

I’ll be honest, it has been a little difficult to get back into the swing of things after being off for a few days. I keep catching myself thinking “remember those four days we had off? That was awesome.” As if it was years ago…instead of, you know, yesterday.

But the thing is, it was so NICE being home with my family. We had a really great Thanksgiving. We thoroughly enjoyed our four days off together. We were able to spend time with our extended family. The morning of Thanksgiving, we joined some of our favorite people for Run to Feed the Hungry. Black Friday found us making the trip up to Apple Hill to get our Christmas Tree. We got some holiday decorating done. We enjoyed the best of Thanksgiving leftovers in our Thanksgiving Casserole. (YUM.) We watched a couple of movies. We even  started reading Harry Potter with our youngest. No wonder I miss it!

Even though it all went by so fast, I love looking forward to Christmas. Like, REALLY love it. So I’m excited that we’ll be getting things ready for the holidays over here at Cap City Moms, too. Lots of great stuff headed your way and we are all really excited about it. Maybe too excited. We’ll try to keep it down. (Ok, *I’ll* try to keep it down.)


And one more thing? This week’s Thursday Theme Night at the Downtown Ice Rink is Disney inspired. Showing your #DisneySide will get you a free skate rental. And probably the most fun you’ve had on a Thursday in a while. (I’m just guessing.) Have fun with it! Dust off those Mickey Ears…or your Incredibles body suit? I won’t judge!


Have a great week everyone!

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