Making It Happen

I’d like to think that I’m resilient. And yet, losing ONE hour has ruined me. I am amazed that I was able to dress myself and get to work without harming myself or anyone else. Where is my medal?!

We have a few behind the scenes projects going on here at Cap City Moms headquarters. Kinda like a spring cleaning of our own! If things look a little wonky around here, that would be why. We are also working on some upcoming projects that we are pretty excited about.

But before we forget, here are the daily spring cleaning projects for the week!

Monday: Spend 15 minutes cleaning out the pantry

Tuesday: Organize the Tupperware cupboard

Wednesday: Clean the trim around all the doorways (swiffer or wipes! Keep it fast and simple!)

Thursday: Replace your air filter!

Friday: Go get a pedicure. Or give yourself one! Either way, take some time for yourself!!

We’ll announce the weekend project in a couple days. It’s…not quite ready yet. Need to finalize a few things! (Unless you’re running Shamrockn this weekend. You have the weekend off. Ha.)

Have a great week everyone!! Make it awesome!


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    March 12, 2014 at 8:16 am

    I’m with you Jill. Where’s my medal? It’s now Day 3 of DST and all I can handle is a nap!

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