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You know me! Watching TV on my pristine white couch!

You know me! Watching TV on my pristine white couch! (click pic for AWESOME tumblr)

Fall television is finally in full swing!  The shows I watch have returned, and I’m into the second week on several new shows I’m giving a go.  With how heavy my workload is right now, and how no one else in my house apparently knows how to wash a dish or fold laundry I feel VERY grateful for old and new tv friends alike.  Watching television is a bit of a luxury for so many of us.  I was recently having a chat with my good friend, Shannon, and she and I lamented the fact we can no longer JUST watch tv.  We ALWAYS have to be doing something else – whether it’s working, cleaning or even playing our favorite time management game on our iPad.  It’s SO different from when I was a kid and could just veg out for HOURS in front of the boob tube.  Now, television is consumed for me as background noise, something I glance at between laundry baskets or while loading the dishwasher.  The very idea of sitting down for a full hour and just watching television sounds crazy.  Even when Jill and I set aside the time to watch the season premier of Scandal last week (seriously, I wrote it on my calendar to make it happen) we were tweeting, Instagraming, drinking, munching on popcorn, shushing the dog and talking about decidedly unScandalous things.  When I read Luvvie’s recap I actually had to go back and rewatch the show!  That’s how much I missed! (Jill apparently didn’t notice Portia di Rosi at all!  To which I say – WHAT?)  In any case, I still love me some fresh programming and am grateful for the new shows this season has brought.  Here are the NEW shows I’m watching this year, and may even stick with if they don’t get cancelled and break my heart.



Yes, ANOTHER murder show!  I know! I know!  Now you all know why I’m convinced I’ll be murdered in my bed.  But I digress.  Forever is a show about Dr. Henry Morgan, a mysteriously immortal NYC medical examiner who is SO VERY FAMILIAR with death that he can sometimes tell what someone died from just by looking at him!  Sweet!  I want that guy around when they are trying to discover who my killer is.  Because he has no fear of death (sure, he feels all the feels of dying, but then is just magically reanimated (naked I might add) in water) he’s all about investegating on the bottom of a bridge, or running into a madman’s scientific lab, etc. etc.  There’s the heartbroken, possibly AA needing lady cop who tries to hate him BUT JUST CAN’T, the quirky Assistant M.E. who has no idea his boss has been around for hundreds of years, and the Jewish baby Henry rescued  from a concentration camp when he was a WWII doc who is now older than my mother.  Basically, that is some EXCELLENT background noise if you ask me.  Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC



So, I’m only one episode into the half hour drama that is streaming on Amazon and DUDE! I freaking LOVE THIS SHOW.  There is all sorts of crazy family drama when family patriarch Mort comes out to his kids as transgendered.  Jeffrey Tambor as Mort / Maura is amazing!  I fully expect him to sweep awards season.  But it’s not just his story!  It’s the story of the family and that is the most intriguing part to me.  There are so many layers to the show with the way the whole family is involved in not just the telling of Mort/Maura’s story – but the telling of their own stories just as beautifully.  I love a family drama that makes my family look more akin to The Walton’s than they will ever actually be.  But when one is as beautifully acted, filmed and written as Transparent is… well!  That’s a treat no matter what. (PS – this is a VERY grownup show.  One that could easily be on HBO.  There are swears and nudity and all that jazz.  More reason for me to love it really.)  Currently streaming (for your bingeing pleasure) on Amazon Prime

 The Mysteries of Laura


Is this a great show? Nope.  Is this a good show?  Probably not.  Am I going to watch it anyway?  Yes, yes I am.  WHY, you ask?  Because!  I love Debra Messing, okay.  I love her and I am NOT sorry about it.


I adored Will & Grace, I watched every damn episode of Smash… more than once, I watched The Starter Wife… I’ve watched it all!  I love her and her sassy redheadedness.  Can I buy her as a super smart homicide detective?  Not really.  Do I buy (and relate to her as) an over worked, under appreciated mother of two who can’t do it all but is trying really fucking hard?  YES!  SHE IS SPOT ON!  And THAT is why I am watching this show.  I want to see smart women with jobs they love trying to do it all and failing kinda miserably (AS ONE DOES! BECAUSE DUDE!  IT IS ALL TOO MUCH!) Her being a good detective means she is a good mom, because I KNOW YOU ARE UP TO SOMETHING TINY HUMAN! is a real thing.  So, I’m hoping over the next few weeks the show irons out it’s wrinkles, and that we catch on that this might be a great show if we just give it the time it needs.  Wednesday 8pm NBC



You guys, Blackish is freaking FUNNY!  Like, I giggled as if I were a girl in school while I watched this show.  There is a fantastic family dynamic, the couple is hilarious, the children are realistic and frankly, even though I am Whiteish I related deeply to a lot of the themes about rearing kids in this day and age.  I related to the trouble it is to raise authentic children in the age of the selfie and my child wanting to be a YouTube star.  (I’m not kidding about that either… but that is another post for another day.)  Again, it was nice to connect with a lot of feelings I have on the daily showing up on my other computer screen.  Also, Laurence Fishburn makes me miss my dad… is that weird??  Wednesday 9:30pm ABC

There are more shows I’m watching too… there are a lot of them in fact, but these four are the ones I’ll probably stick with on a weekly basis.  I have really enjoyed them!  What about you guys?  Any new shows you’re watching or hoping to watch at some point?  Share with me!!  Let’s talk about TV together!  It makes me feel all the feels. :)



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