Maybe It’s Time We Cut Ourselves Some Slack

When I cough, I sound like a barking seal. Pleasant! But I’m ridiculously stubborn and, for the past week, I’ve insisted that it’s just allergies. Not sick! I don’t have time for sick days. Besides, I’m not sick! (I say as I cough so hard, I give myself a headache.)

Ok. I might be sick.

The problem with admitting that I’m sick, is that I’m the mom. And life gets more complicated when the mom gets sick. It’s not that everyone can’t handle themselves when mom is down for the count, it’s just that it’s easier to just do it your damn self because explaining everything is EXHAUSTING. Also? Sometimes (a lot of the times) you can’t be down for the count because life is complicated and the kids still need to go places and work still needs to get done and…well, let’s just go ahead and have cereal for dinner. Again.

The past few weeks have been busy enough, I didn’t need to add “being sick” to my to-do list. Can you be extra-overwhelmed? That’s probably redundant but that’s what I am: extra-overwhelmed. And even if I just made up that word, it seems like a lot of us are. It seems like each mom that I talk to is in over their head right now. Not that things are bad, it just feels like we can’t catch up or catch a break. Or there are changes to schedules that we can’t seem to keep up with. Or we have new work deadlines – or more deadlines. Or maybe it’s that your kids forget to tell you about their science project that’s due tomorrow. And they haven’t even started it.

(You want to make me insane? Tell me as soon as I walk in the door from work that you have a project/assignment due tomorrow, and can we please run to the store for poster board.)

(I just blew a fuse typing that.)

I guess we need to cut ourselves some slack. Even if that means we have to say no. Or admit that we dropped the ball. Or feel like we’re failing in most areas of our life. (No? Just me?) Once we let go of some of the things, the load is lighter and we usually can get ourselves back on track. It won’t be easy, and it usually takes some time, but we all get back there. But, in the meantime, I think that means we’re all off the hook for Spring Cleaning. YOU’RE WELCOME.

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