Meet the Cap City Moms: Jess!

For the past several years, Jessica (Jess) has lived quite a bit outside the Greater Sacramento Area but still seems to know more about what’s going on around the neighborhood than most of us who live here. So we are completely thrilled that Jess may be making her way home very soon. As we make our way to the next Meet the Cap City Moms installment, may I introduce you to the wonderful, and gosh-darn-awesome, Jess.

Are you…

 A stay at/work from home mom?
 Work away from home mom?
 All of the above kind of mom? 

How long have you been a mom? 17 Years

How many kids do you have and what are their ages? 3: 17, 14, 4

What is the best part of being a mom?
I love sitting around the kitchen table, deep in conversations with my husband and teenagers. Watching my 4 year old sing Disney songs make my heart melt.

What is the hardest thing about being a mom?
The hardest thing about being a mom is letting them struggle. I want to make them happy and comfortable, but the kids need to know they can do hard things, they need to learn to work for what they want, and they have to realize that they can make things happen for themselves.

Have you missed a moment in your child’s/children’s life that you regret?
I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom – so (thankfully) I have few regrets about missing out.

What is one of your greatest MOM moments? Or some of your greatest hits as a mom?
I find joy in the smaller ‘Mom Moments’ – like picking them up from school in the middle of the day and taking them out to lunch for no reason at all, or having a big laugh at the teenage-boy-humor, or breaking out a bottle of Martinelli’s to celebrate the end of a semester. 

Would you rather…

 Make a mess in the kitchen baking cookies with the kids?
 Make a mess in the living room building forts or playing Lego’s?

What is your absolute FAVORITE movie? (Or, what’s you favorite book?)
It’s a tie between Dan in Real Life and A Lot Like Love.

Now, what is your absolute favorite KID movie?
Mary Poppins.



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