Meet the Cap City Moms: Nora!

I don’t think anyone is more fun than Nora. She’s the life of the party and one of the sweetest and dearest of friends. She also has the very best of all the birthdays. Says me. I might be partial. But also? I adore Nora. I do believe that you will too.

So for the next round of Meet the Cap City Moms, may I introduce you to the wonderful and amazing Nora.

Are you…

 A stay at/work from home mom?
 Work away from home mom?
 All of the above kind of mom? 

How long have you been a mom?
9 Years

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
Five year old son and a Nine year old son

What is the best part of being a mom?
Playing with my kids. Unconditional love. Getting small again. Falling in love over and over. Learning about my strengths and weaknesses. Being able to help my kids make their dreams come true. Being a parent with the most amazing partner.

What is the hardest thing about being a mom?
Not enough time. Feeling inadequate. Learning as I go. Being impatient.

Have you missed a moment in your child’s/children’s life that you regret?
I have been working full time since my first baby was 12-weeks-old. I’ve missed a lot of his firsts. I’ve missed a lot of laughter and tears. I’ve missed a lot of cuddling. I wish I had not worked so much when they were babies. But I think I will always want more time with them, no matter how old they are. I want to be there when they need me.What is one of your greatest MOM moments? Or some of your greatest hits as a mom?

What is your greatest Mom Moment?
I love making my kids laugh.
Would you rather…

 Make a mess in the kitchen baking cookies with the kids?
 Make a mess in the living room building forts or playing Lego’s?

What is your absolute FAVORITE movie? (Or, what’s you favorite book?)
Love Actually, Elf, Incredibles

Now, what is your absolute favorite KID movie?
Mary Poppins and Wizard of Oz


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