Stranger Things: Please Tell Me You Watched

The other night, I came home to my family watching Stranger Things on Netflix. Without me. I mean, they didn’t know I’ve been working up the courage trying to watch it for the past several weeks. But there they were. Watching it without me. I made a rash decision that I would join them and I didn’t make them start over. Because I’m a nice person. Or rather, I’m a nice person who will quickly lose interest or get frustrated if it becomes complicated and hard and TV SHOULD NOT BE COMPLICATED AND HARD. I DON’T KNOW WHY I AM SO WEIRD ABOUT TV BUT I AM.

(I honestly don’t know, peeps. I think I’m broken. Or my patience is broken.)

Since then, I’ve worked my way back to watch the episodes that I missed. As it turns out, I have lots of feelings about this show. (You’re shocked! I’m sure!) But first, let’s just say it:

This show creeps me out.

It’s supposed to. Obviously.



But it’s more than that.

What I’m realizing is that this show plays to so many of the fears I had as a kid. Like I mentioned on the podcast, they’re fears I don’t really have anymore – but ones that come back to me like they’re still alive and well and tormenting me as I watch this. All the music. The clothes. The actors. The cars, the schools, the houses…the furniture. The fonts of the credits and opening theme. All of it. I blame my cousins for probably watching something I wasn’t allowed to watch when we were little and I’m forever traumatized by it.



But it’s more than even that.

Because as creeped out as I am by all the things Little Jill was scared of, I am also watching a show that plays to the fears of me now. Adult Jill…the mom. With fears about missing children or kids in danger and not being able to help. Feeling helpless. Terrified. MOM FEARS TIMES ONE MILLION.

With all that said, I think I like this show.

I’m fairly certain that I actually really like it.

The casting is so well done. They remind me of actors from back in the day. But…better, if I can say that without being a traitor to my generation. The kids are fantastic. And Winona Ryder is actually SO GOOD in this. Dare I say relatable? Wouldn’t we all be insane if a child was missing? And to that I say: YES WE WOULD.

I fully realize that I’m late to a discussion that probably happened weeks ago, but I’ve decided this is a perfect companion to the week of (or after) Halloween and for that I’m glad I waited. Even if I *am* ashamed of all of us for not coming up with a group ‘Stranger Things’ costume. We’re better than this, you guys. Next year we coordinate. For the good of Halloween and Stranger Things.


And now I’m off to reset my brain by watching episodes of Parks and Rec so that I can actually fall asleep tonight. I’m mostly lying about the not sleeping part but I’ll use any excuse to watch Parks and Rec. Because I’m late to that party, too. Go figure. Basically, I need to take a one year sabbatical to watch all the TV I’ve been missing in my life and report back. ANYWAY. Clearly I’ve lost all control of this ship. So I must know: are you watching Stranger Things? Have you watched Stranger Things? Will Rob Lowe always bring me such joy as Chris from Parks and Rec? I must know. Let’s talk.




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