Pinterest Worthy Pressure

Being a mom has never been easy, but are there aspects of today’s society that make being a mom more difficult? There is a part of me that is so glad that my kids were little during a time of no social media. There was enough pressure back then to send your kid to the right schools or host the best playdates…or have a really great snack at the soccer game halftime. I felt so much guilt back then being a working (outside the home) mom. I couldn’t be at the school for every event. I didn’t have the best snacks. I barely had it all together. Remembering picture day was an epic achievement.

All of this (usually self-imposed) pressure was all before Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram. I already felt somewhat inadequate because I couldn’t participate in moms groups or hand-make presents for each kid in the class. But living in a social media (especially Pinterest) world, I wonder if that would’ve sent me straight to the looney bin.

Admittedly, I love all things social media and I LOVE Pinterest. But I often scroll through Pinterest in the same way I scroll through a fashion magazine. Sure, I would love those designer shoes on page 14 but paying my mortgage is a little bit more important. Go figure! (Okay, just kidding. I don’t scroll through fashion magazines. But I’ve watched enough Sex and the City to know that designer shoes cost mortgage payments. Or more.)

Um. I think I need this in my life.

Um. I think I need this in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party. I love pretty things. I love creativity and getting a glimpse of how other people show it. But I’m blown away by the pressure we have placed on ourselves to have “Pinterest-worthy” parties and playdates. If you have time and the money and the know-how and *want* to make these parties happen, I am going to follow ALL of your Pinterest boards and will love every minute of it. But it’s when I see the pressure and the stress of thinking that’s what we HAVE to do that I get frustrated and sad.


If you want a Pinterest worthy party, by all means HAVE ONE. No one is telling you no and they are FABULOUS. (And seriously, I can’t wait to see your pictures.) But don’t feel like you HAVE TO either. As someone who spent too many years, even without the constant images in my face, feeling like I wasn’t a good enough mom because I couldn’t figure out how to do it all. I wish we could all just relax. I wish we could just feel good about the choices we make as moms no matter what everyone else is doing. We are all good at different things and it really is ok!

So cut yourself some slack. Remember what’s important to you. And for the love of all things Pinterest, just have a good time. You deserve it.

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