The Rumpus Room :: Episode 009 :: Take A Look, It’s In A Book

This week, Jill and Sarah discuss the thing that brought them together as youths, and now seems to be the thing they can’t make enough time for: reading.  They discuss the A Wild Rumpus book club, and how it, like so much of 2016, has gone to shit.  They express hope for the new year and perhaps it will be better for reading and for the world.  Join them as they discuss the benefits of reading books you’ve already read, how reading is hard when you’re so busy your brain feels like it’s going to explode and how giving yourself permission to read is a really, really good idea.

Sarah discusses a new podcast she has been mainlineing – Witch, Please. The podcast is about all things Harry Potter and the hosts, Marcelle and Hannah are so damn delightful she fears you will never listen to this podcast again.  All the same, you should check it out. Especially if you love HP and wish you had someone to chat about it with academically.  (Also, the word Sarah can’t remember in this podcast is pedagogy.)

We also ask you, our dear listener, to help us out with a new segment we are developing.  We would LOVE to answer questions from you or give you some advise about things that are happening in your world.  Wondering what to do about your kid being a total jerk? Worried you are never going to be able to meal plan? Wondering if your husband is secretly plotting to overthrow the PTA? Wanting to make sure you’re not totally messing up this mom thing? Send us your questions, your problems or your concerns and we will give you our WILDLY unqualified advise. If nothing else, it should be pretty funny. And who knows? We’ve saved each other from making some pretty huge mistakes before so why not help you!  Email your questions to us at

Happy listening!


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