Thank You For Being A Friend … Even When You Have Cancer

The first episode we haven’t had to mark as explicit!  Let’s f**king celebrate!!

We welcome our very first podcast guest, Jaimee to today’s episode.  Jaimee is one of our oldest and dearest friends. We have done a lot of wild and crazy things with her over the years, but this year was one of the wildest rides we’ve ever taken. You see, 2016 decided to give her breast cancer.  Because 2016 is a dumpster fire of a year and we hate it. But I digress. This episode  Jaimee shares the story of her diagnosis (at age 38, which is JUST STUPID!), what having cancer has taught her and just how important friendships were during this crazy time.


We also answer our VERY FIRST QUESTION from one of our listeners!  Of course, it’s about friendship!!  How in the HECK do you make and maintain friendships when your life (and all your friends lives) are insane?!  While we may not have ALL the answers we have some of them.

Join us for the very first (and probably last) curse word free episode of The Rumpus Room!

Photo by Sarah Maren Photography

Jaimee is a preschool educator, wife, mama to three, avid runner, and one of the best friends a person could have.  In April 2016 she was diagnoised with breast cancer. She went through chemo, a double masectomy and reconstructive surgery.  She will shortly be undergoing radiation treatments as well.  Through her experience with cancer, Jaimee remained hopefully, hilarious and a great human to be around.  Her faith was an incredible strength to her.  As were her vast group of family and friends.  She looks better bald than any of us could ever hope to. 

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