Put an Egg on it

I’m curious…what does Easter look like at your house? 

This is the second year that I have not decorated for spring/Easter and I keep trying to feel bad about it, but I just can’t seem to. (Don’t worry, I feel guilty about TONS of other things so I figure it all works out somehow.) I also haven’t purchased much of anything in the way of Easter basket supplies and goodies. But since we don’t go completely nuts there either, a quick stop to Target or the grocery store will suffice.

I’ve seen a couple different posts around the internet calling out the Easter over-doers. I’m not mad at you if you are one, by the way. I just found it interesting that many people are talking about how Easter can get out of control and how Easter isn’t supposed to be like Christmas. I’m sure we could dissect all the holidays and how they came to be (religious and otherwise) and how Christmas wasn’t always such a big event either. But mostly I’m curious how things are done in your family.

We have a few traditions that I started when the kids were little that have hung around even as they are both now in the teen world. I’m not entirely sure why, but Easter is my oldest daughter’s favorite holiday and our (small) traditions are still important to her.

When the girls were little, the tradition was that the Easter Bunny brought a basket of small little treats or trinkets and hid the Easter eggs that we had colored previously. But most notably, the Easter Bunny always left a trail of peanut or peanut butter m&m’s from their bedroom doorway to their awaiting Easter Baskets.


 It’s a tradition that has lasted even until now.

In fact, my daughter just brought to my attention that I bought the wrong kind of m&m’s when she saw some “stashed candy” in the pantry. The funny thing is that I bought the offensive candy last weekend for a family party and didn’t end up using them. (Mostly because I forgot. ::sigh::) I find it incredibly hilarious that Easter opinions are still intact after all these years. Maybe even stronger than ever.

While I *am* curious what your Easter Traditions look like, I don’t feel like I need to implement any and all of them in our own family. Sure I may look at some and think, “Doh! I wish I had thought of that!” but I also wish I had thought of and invented the iPhone. Good ideas can be super fun. Or super lucrative.

Brunch with the family! (And yes, they ARE swimming. It was quite warm last year.)

Brunch with the family! (And yes, they ARE swimming. It was quite warm last year.)

But at the end of the day, I love that my kids have such fond memories of what we do. I like that it’s somewhat small and low-key followed by a fun brunch with the family. I love that a simple m&m trail is one of the most important parts to them. Even if that trail is leading them to a book or a movie that they’ve wanted. It’s the tradition they still remember.

And the Lego lemonade stand set. That was a hit last year. I can’t even blame them.


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